Wednesday, September 22, 2010

(Another) First Day of School

What an exciting day!  Mitch had his first day at Royalton Elementary.  He did not spend his day with his new class, however.  He spent today and will spend most of the next two days observing one of the other 5th grade classrooms.  Though he saw a few of his students throughout the day, and heard excited whispers of "That's our new teacher", he said he will step in and be officially introduced tomorrow afternoon.  He will spend the last half of Friday with his class and they will have a good-bye party for their substitute teacher.  He said that overall it was a great day and he really enjoys the school, the staff, and the environment.  It sounds like this is going to be a great year!

Things went well on the home front too.  Micah was pushing a few of my buttons.  This is something that has frequently happened in the past.  He steps up and tries to fill in Dad's shoes by exercising authority he does not have.  This is always a difficult situation for me.  My nature is to respond in anger, rather than deal with the heart issues that are going on.  But we survived today and I feel quite prepared to give it another good try tomorrow!  Schoolwork got done, and daycare kids were happy and healthy and went home safely at the end of the day.  :)


  1. Thumbs up to little bro! I had no doubts he would get the job :) I am so glad he likes the school and staff and kids.

    I get the same from Alex some days, Steph. It is a good day when you all survive it. Have to admit, today was one of those days I wasn't sure my kids would survive (home sick and thinking picking fights with each other was a competitive sport.) Glad you are feeling up to tomorrow!