Thursday, September 02, 2010


It's time for a change!

The weather is changing...cooler here now, especially for the upcoming weekend.  We were supposed to go camping this weekend, but those plans were seeing the weather forecast, I'm thankful.  I don't generally look forward to colder weather, but I do look forward to cooler nights.  For as cold as I am throughout the day, I get super hot in the middle of the night and fall/winter brings welcome relief!

Schedules are changing...summer vacation is coming to an end, and school will be starting on September 7th.  Kathi is looking forward to her first day at Apollo High School with great anticipation and excitement.  Josh is looking forward to starting Kindergarten.  Zeke isn't thrilled about starting 1st grade, but I showed him how easy the first lessons are, so then he just acted all silly about it.  I have two daycare children who will be going to school, too--yay--relief from the end-of-summer boredom!

Jobs are changing...tomorrow is Mitch's last day at NorthCrest, where he has been working all summer.  He was a lead counselor at the day camp for kids and also the bus driver.  He really seemed to enjoy his coworkers and getting out of the house each day.  I really enjoyed the extra paycheck.  Thank you, Honey!!  I <3 U.  So what now?  More daycare kids?  Not really...Mitch has applied for two open teaching positions in districts near here.  He applied a week ago, and we haven't heard anything yet.  :(  That doesn't appear to be a good sign, but we covet your prayers...if it is God's will for Mitch to have a full-time teaching position, then pray that the doors would open and Mitch would get a job offer.  We have been warned before how difficult it is to get a public school teaching position in this area, and now we are coming face-to-face with that reality.  We definitely need God to open the doors!  Mitch has also applied in many of the surrounding school districts to be a short-term substitute teacher.  It pays well, obviously not as well as a full-time salary, but promising.  Many people experienced as subs have told us that Mitch can fully expect to be called every day to sub starting around the middle of September/beginning of October.

Coming from someone who usually doesn't like change, I can honestly say I'm excited about the changes ahead! 

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  1. When I subbed here in the area, I was called every day I was available. It doesn't have all the security and perks of being permanently employed, but there is also no work to bring home, and the ability to say no, if you have something else come up.
    I'll pray for something permanent, though, as I know for me (with Jeremy's job) it brought much peace of mind.