Saturday, September 11, 2010

Family Update

This one is a long time coming!  So long, in fact, that now I can't remember what all I need to tell you.  :)

I will be 9 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and today has been one of my sickest days.  I had high hopes I would get things done today (since it's a Saturday), but I've accomplished nothing.  :(  And the weather outside is perfect and beautiful.  Sad!!  Overall this pregnancy I have felt very similar to the last time I was pregnant.  Nauseous, but not throwing up.  Cold chills followed by hot flashes.  Tired.  Unmotivated.  One symptom that I *think* is new (my memory fails) is I have had some cramping and persistent diarrhea, which I think could possibly be related to having no gall bladder this time.  (???)  I'm sure that modifying my diet would be an important step to curing it, and I think that I may finally be reaching a point where I will break my will and cave to a healthier diet.  Activity helps me feel better when I can convince myself to be up and moving around.  Standing in my sewing room thinking about working or sitting at the computer doing "work" make me sick.  If I can survive the next 4 weeks, then I'll be happy.  LOL  My first doctor appointment isn't until I am 10 weeks along, so I have over a week to wait patiently for that.  I have no concerns, though pregnancy is always filled with unknowns.  I cling to the God who knows.

I managed to get everyone started back to school this week.  Josh begs to do school twice a day, and was sorely disappointed when I told him that we do not do school on Saturday and Sunday.  He wasn't happy about that!  I love this positive attitude toward learning and I wish it would persist always.  I insisted that he could certainly continue to practice his cursive i's all weekend long.  Caleb was very glad to finally be back to school.  He loves his Bible class the most.  Such enthusiasm!  Zeke had a really bad attitude on the second day of school (following a stinky attitude on the first day), so we had to spend a good deal of time correcting his attitude.  I insisted that he has no more important job to do than his school work, and he needs to do his BEST work with a cheerful heart.  Thankfully after some prayer his attitude completely turned around.

Mitch got a call for an interview.  This would be a great school--in a small district, farming community, teaching 5th grade.  His interview is next Friday (17th) morning at 8:30 am.  Please be praying for him and our family.  If it is God's will for him to have this job, then let the doors open!!

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