Wednesday, September 08, 2010

First Day of School

Today was Kathi's first "real" day of school.  She went yesterday for a couple hours for orientation, but today was a full day, complete with her first quiz!

Today was also Josh's first day of Kindergarten.  What a fun day!!  It was so much fun that we did TWO lessons.  :) 

Zeke had his first day of 1st grade.  He also completed two lessons, even though he really didn't want to.  When I pulled out my camera, he buried his head and whined about "hating" school.  Poor guy.  I told him that tomorrow we will do school in the morning when he is not so tired.

His lessons today were super easy.  I know it will pick up quickly.

Micah played hookey and went fishing with his Grandpa Marc, who is visiting from Kentucky.  Eden also played hookey and went horseback riding (thanks, Pam!).  Poor Caleb is begging to start school but I'm not quite ready yet.  They have technically already started, but we've had an extended break.  Since Karen and Marc are visiting this week, it makes it a little hard to start school.  We will start soon enough.  We need a solution for where to set up Eden's computer, that's the only hitch right now.

Mitch has been in high gear applying for jobs.  What happens now is as the districts start school and see what their enrollments are, then they hire additional teachers if needed.  He has applied for 5 different full-time teaching positions and many more subbing positions.  We have no doubt that he'll work.  He anonymously placed a follow-up call today to one of the jobs and they said that they'll be calling for interviews very soon (with the warning that if he wanted to be considered, then he should hand in his application TODAY).  So it's not bad that we haven't heard anything yet.  Please continue to pray for us!

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