Saturday, September 25, 2010

Found that picture!

When I wrote my review for "Outlive Your Life" by Max Lucado, I said that somewhere I have a picture...well, I found it.

Here I am, with 3 other girls, 15 years ago in Louisville, KY, on the side of a pool.  Which one do you think is me?  Micah, Eden, and Zeke guessed correctly, much to my surprise!

Don't you love how the picture is not centered well?  Oh the days before digital cameras were a common thing!  It was quite funny that we all showed up to the pool with reading material by the same author!  We were all part of a summer missions trip (9-10 weeks in 1995) with the Kentucky Baptist Convention, most likely part of the Long Run Baptist Association.  Sadly, I can no longer remember for sure who the other girls were.  The books we were reading were: Six Hours One Friday, And the Angels Were Silent, and No Wonder They Called Him the Savior.


  1. Are you the one on the far right?

  2. I am the second from the right! I posted this on facebook and got tons of guesses. I loved hearing how people figured out which was me. It amazes me how observant some people are (I am definitely NOT observant)!! :)