Monday, September 20, 2010

Interview Update


Praise and honor belong to God for making this happen. Thank you so much for covering us in prayer! The school called back this afternoon to offer Mitch the position. We are so excited and thankful that the waiting part is now over. Poor Mitch says his tummy just doesn't feel well at all after all this stress. :) I can't express how thankful we are for the wonderful support we have received from everyone. It is taking a while to sink in--but my excitement is growing by the minute.  His first day is Wednesday.  How convenient--my first doctor appointment is Tuesday morning and I was a *little* worried about needing to find a sub for daycare.  :)  He will not have to do any teaching this week, but will just be observing and learning the ropes.  How exciting!!!

I will continue to do daycare at home.  I care for 4 daycare children during the day, and 3 of them take long afternoon naps.  This summer was sort of a "dry run" for us--Mitch worked at NorthCrest while I did daycare alone to see how I could handle it.  Micah, Eden, and Caleb do their schoolwork on the computer during the mornings and usually don't have any trouble getting done.  Switched-On Schoolhouse (SOS) continues to be a perfect fit for our family.  Zeke and Josh do their schoolwork with me at the table as soon after lunch as possible.  I have each child listen in while I give the other one their lesson.  This way Josh is being stretched to learn a little faster, and Zeke is reinforcing what he already knows.  It goes really fast and I'm usually done with my part in an hour.  I know from experience that as the school year progresses the work will be a little longer and require more of my time.  I am teaching the older children now to help me with some things like listening to these guys do their reading.  I am also cutting out some of the parts of the lesson which I thought were too important to skip in previous years.  (Hey--if Josh can already read one-vowel words like 'cat', there's no sense in me making up little games so that he can learn to tell the difference between an 'a' and an 'e').  I never thought I could manage all this, but really the key here that has made a huge difference has been SOS.  And while the older kids certainly have their needs, don't underestimate how much they help me during the day!  They are great helpers.  :)


  1. Marilyn Hostetler9/20/2010 7:12 PM

    Congratulations to Mitch! I was praying for you.
    Steph, about your blog about homeschooling, it made me realize some additional things I have in common with your children. Besides coming from a large family (10 brothers and sisters) I went to a small one-room country school where 1/3 of the students were my siblings or cousins. And I spent a lot of my time helping with the lessons of the younger kids, just like your older ones do. I think I learned a lot more that way!