Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Josh, officially 5 years old

I'm only one day late...sorry Josh!

5 years ago (yesterday) this cutie entered our lives.  I can't believe it's been 5 years already--it seems like just yesterday!  Mitch was sure he wanted to name him "Eleazar".  I was sure I didn't.  So we settled on Joshua Eleazar.  Besides, every Caleb needs a Joshua...right???  We love the way their eyes light up when we read the Bible stories of these favorite Old Testament heroes.  Oh what a delight Joshua has been in our family!!

Joshua is smart, good natured, and gets along well with others.  He has a great imagination.  He also seems to be a natural leader, though not always into good things, sometimes into bad.  But that's ok, we're focusing on the positives today.

When I asked Josh what he wanted for his birthday dinner (it is our tradition to have the child choose what they want for supper on their birthdays), he said "Turkey" and a bunch of other seemingly random things.  I was surprised.  I said, "But you don't even like turkey!"  He said, "I know, but somebody does."  :) He finally settled on hot dogs.  Unexpectedly, he got to go to work with his dad yesterday and had hot dogs for lunch.  Thinking quickly, I gave them a call and asked if he would want hot dogs or Little Caesar's Pizza for supper.  He said "hot dogs, baked beans, and watermelon."  So we stuck to our original menu--even though that meant hot dogs twice in one day.  I don't know how many he ate for lunch, but he ate 1 and 1/2 for supper!  As well as a fair amount of baked beans, watermelon, and leftover chocolate cake.

Josh is already reading some words and sounds.  He loves to draw random letters and sound them out.  It's really cute.  I think we'll have to speed kindergarten up for him a little...I am remembering from Zeke last year how slow A Beka Kindergarten is to get started.  If we were not homeschooling I am not sure what I would do with Josh.  He is technically old enough AND smart enough to start kindergarten this year in public school, but I think that we would regret it when we got to junior high/middle school.  I am excited to get started and so is he!

Josh and Zeke are pretty good buddies.  Josh and Malachi??  Not so much.  But it will get better as Chi gets older.  Eden is Josh's big buddy helper.  She helps him get dressed, put his clothes away, make his bed (in theory), get his food, and keep track of him when we are out. 

Josh's new favorite toy is his webkinz guinea pig.  He has this little stuffed guinea pig and plays games with his online virtual pet.  He named it "Pumpkin Sweet Theis".  He just started, so he's got a lot to learn.  He says his favorite color is red.  He would rather have his hair long than short.  He says he would love to have a baby kitty. 

WOW--five years old!  Another school-ager in my house!  I can hardly believe it!!

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