Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Movie Review: The Least Among You

The Least Among You is a new movie by Lionsgate productions.  The movie stars Louis Gosset Jr (as Samuel Benton) and Cedric Sanders (as Richard Kelly).  It is inspired by a true story.  Set in 1965 following the Watts riot, Richard is wrongfully accused of attacking a police officer.  In a plea bargain, he agrees to attend an all-white theological seminary (the goal of the seminary's president is to break down racial boundaries) for at least 2 semesters and maintain a 3.5 gpa.  Richard comes up against many struggles along the way.  He not only has to deal with racism and pressures from the President to bring unity to the student body, but "life" stuff as well...to top it off, he strongly questions his beliefs and faith.  Is faith just a religious practice, something we do, or is it something more?  What is the purpose of studying theology?  What good does it do a pastor to know Greek or Hebrew?

The movie is rated PG-13, and rightly so.  This movie would not be appropriate for my younger set.  Not only is the racial theme a little tense at times (which is necessary), but there is violence, blood, alcohol consumption, and lots of cigarettes.  I don't want these to be a negative cast on the movie however--the presentation of these elements certainly reflects the culture and the times (and we know that the 1960's were quite "colorful").

Overall I enjoyed the movie, and I would like to watch it again so that some of the ideas presented can sink in a little more.  I will admit that I'm a bit of an independent ("Indy") film junkie.  I love movies like this that dare to take on Hollywood and wrestle with presenting the Gospel, at the sacrifice of low budgets.  I love to be able to support these film makers, in hopes that we can see more movies like this.  Yes, it's not a blockbuster and that's true, but it certainly fills my appetite for wholesome, thought-provoking, and spiritually sound movies!

Some other movies from Lionsgate that I have enjoyed:
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I Am David
The Miracle Maker: The Story of Jesus

Perhaps on another post I can put more of my favorite indy movies that I've seen via netflix!

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