Thursday, September 09, 2010

Working on my next post

I set myself a pretty steep deadline for my next book review.  The book arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon, and I need to post my review (per the publisher's request), if possible, by tomorrow.  So about 48 hours.  And it's a non-fiction book.  :)  Usually I spend about 3 weeks on those.  :)  This is good for me!  I just finished a wonderful chapter titled "Stand Up for the Have-Nots."  I immediately wanted to post a video from Compassion International.  The book I'm reading touches on these staggering statistics many times.

We sponsor a child from Compassion.  His name is Julio.  I have mentioned him before--we have an ichthys fish on the back of our van with a Dominican Republic flag to represent him as part of our family.  I can't resist posting this video too because it is from the D.R.:

We have been sponsoring Julio for a few years now...I've lost track how many.  It was so cool when we "picked" Julio--one of the things that made us want to pick him is that his birthday is 7/19/97--only 8 days younger than Micah!  When we look at Micah, we can remember his "twin" brother many miles away in D.R.  I love receiving letters from Julio, and now that the older kids understand a little better they look forward to them, too.  On one wall of our dining room is a huge world map.  Surrounding the map are pictures of people our family is praying for, with a string and a tack going from each picture to the places where those people live all over the world.  It helps our children get a good sense of geography, and also helps them remember who to pray for each night when we prepare to eat supper.  Julio's picture is up there, too.  :)

Well, I still have 70-some more pages to read, so I've gotta scoot.  :)

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  1. What a great idea to mark all the people on the world map that your family is praying for! I want to do that somehow. We also sponsor a boy through Compassion, he's in El Salvador. We have missionaries in Kenya, China, Columbia, and Indonesia. I would love for our kids to have a better idea of where in the world these people are that we pray for!

    Thanks again for the awesome diapers!