Saturday, October 09, 2010

Family Pictures!!!

I have so much to blog about...but not enough time for talking tonight, I have lots of pictures to upload!  Thank goodness blogger has updated their uploader and it's easy to add photos.  I wonder if there's some kind of limit of how many photos per post??  At any rate, remember that you can click a photo to see a larger version.

We went out to St. John's University to get these pictures.  I feel so blessed as they turned out better than I was expecting.  I lost a piece to my tripod, so amazingly I took these with my camera balanced on a crate and leveled using blocks of wood.  :)

Which do you think is the best family picture?  I have labeled them so you can let me know.  I'm having a hard time deciding!

 {Family A}

 {Family B}

 {Family C}

 {Family D}

 {Family E}

 {Josh, 5 years}

 {Zeke, 7 years minus 3 days}

 {Caleb, Eden, and Micah}

 {Malachi, 3 years}
Don't ya love the potty dance?

 {Caleb, 9.5 years}

 {Miss Sassy}

 {Eden, 11.5 years}

 {Micah, 13 years}

 {Kathi, 16 years, exchange student from Germany}

 {Tirzah, almost 18 months}

{Mitch & Steph, 13 weeks pregnant}

{Family F}


  1. Great pics. D or D. Both are great!

  2. I like E and F equally! I can't choose!

  3. I do love Micah's potty dance

  4. D or F are great family shots, and I love ALL the ones of the babies. What is it with my brother and little Tirzah doing the giraffe act? Did she want something up there? I absolutely adore the following shot of his hand holding hers so tenderly. Great shots, Steph! You have gotten to be very good. The hard work shows.

  5. Hi Steph, my favorite one is E as well. But A is also nice. Actually they are all nice :=)

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  7. Okay, I meant D or E. Apparently I wasn't typing correctly last night.

  8. Great pictures, Steph!
    I like "A" or "E". :))

  9. Choosing one would be an affront to the other pictures just because all the pics are brilliant!
    But in my opinion "E" is a little ahead.
    And then the "Potty Dancer" - so cute!
    Even his outfit matches the bachground color - perfect!

  10. E just took my breath away! You guys are way ahead of us on Fall - we've still got mostly green leaves here in Philly. God bless!

  11. My favorites are A, E or F with a bit more emphasis on E. Wonderful pictures!!!

  12. All of 'em are great pics but I think E or F are my faves. The potty dance is too darn cute. All the other shots are fantastic as well!

  13. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. :)

  14. Marilyn Hostetler10/11/2010 10:19 PM

    I like all of them, but vote for F

  15. A & E but they are all fabulous. You are so talented.