Saturday, October 16, 2010

Indian Summer

Here are some great pictures I got last Saturday before our family photo shoot.  :)  And a couple extras.  The weather was SO nice!  While Mitch took the oldest 5 kids to a local homeschool soccer meet/coop/pick-up game (whatever you call it--whoever shows up divides into teams and plays), I hung out with Malachi and Tirzah.  Before you think that this is easy for me, think again--all my helpers are GONE during that time.  So I spent all my time chasing these two down.  :)  After giving them a much-needed bath, I figured I might as well chase them with the camera in my hands.

 Ugh--the box elder bugs!!  The kids love to catch them, pull their legs off, squash them, etc.  Tirzah is no exception.

 Time for a walk!

Our little trees aren't looking so little compared to Chi.  Some day they'll be mighty oaks!

 We had our own soccer match.  :)


 Yes!  (He called it a score every time he kicked the ball into the fence.)

 A rainbow of colors!

 Ahhh...the cozy coupe...the best selling car ever.
  This one has been with us since our days at Crown College (ahem...11-12 years ago)

 Big brothers are so helpful.

 He looked up and said, "Mom, look at all those little clouds!"  I said, yes, smile and I'll take a picture of you and the clouds together.  :)

The next two are from playing outside today.  It was a little chillier at a high of 64.  A good 10+ degrees cooler* than last Saturday.   

He was helping his dad in the garage.  Mitch was sanding some kuub blocks.

*Note:  There really is no such thing as cold.  It's just the absence of heat.  And there is soon going to be a great absence of heat.  (Sniff, sniff).  Again I am SOOOO thankful for the wonderful weather we've had.  It's been a glorious autumn!

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