Monday, October 11, 2010

Newsy Update

So a few thoughts and update...

The weather here has been incredible.  We call it an "Indian Summer".  We had a nice cold spell and a frost, followed by a nice break of warm weather again.  The temperature has been in the 70s and 80s (F).  This made getting our family pictures on Saturday so much easier.  No sweaters to dig for and I didn't have to dig out coats!  We weren't huddling together freezing, either.  :)  Kinda funny and UNplanned, we took our family pictures last year on October 9th also!  On October 10th, it snowed.  The weather is definitely different, and I welcome it! The leaves were still much greener at this time last year.  We were surprised this year because they turned colors and fell very quickly and unexpectedly.

I saw the doctor for a 12-week pregnancy visit on Friday.  I had only gained a pound in 2 weeks (whew!).  Overall I think I weigh a little more than I'd like to weigh...but I'm not overweight, so I'll try to just hang in there.  We heard the baby's heartbeat as soon as she placed the doppler wand on my tummy.  She didn't have to search around at all.  Usually at this age it's easy for the baby to run away and "hide".  But the heartbeat was nice and strong and we listened for a good long time.  It was in the 150s.  All of my babies, boys and girls, have had the same the "fast for a girl, slow for a boy" old wives' tale doesn't work for us.  Besides the fantastic news of hearing the heartbeat, I had more wonderful news.  At 10 weeks I had gone in for initial blood work and an appointment with the nurse practitioner.  Drumroll, please... 

My hemoglobin was 13.9!!!! 

This is amazing!  I have always striven to be at a decent 12, and here I was 10 weeks pg and almost 14.  At my sickest moment in January I was an 8.4.  What a huge difference!

I have had a little anxiety about how people in our family and in our community will respond to hearing that we are expecting baby #8.  It is a difficult position for me to be in.  I hate feeling that people think we are "crazy" and/or other stereotypes.  I know I have written about this already...but still, it bothers me.  We love our family.  It is hard work.  Our kids are just plain old normal kids.  They are naughty just like everyone else.  They get grumpy and complain.  Yet there seems to be this pressure to act a certain way, because if we don't, then we are just "living proof" that people should not have "that many" kids.  Or *I* can't complain, cause after all, I should know better and I brought it on myself.  Ugh.  Stupid stereotypes.  So as crazy as it sounds, I get anxious about something as simple as going in to the doctor..."Hello doctor, yes, it's me again, yes, I'm pg again."  At that 10 week appointment, my blood pressure was a little high (for me) at 122/70.  I think it was due to the anxiety.  So this time when I went in, I gave myself plenty of time to relax and be ready for smiles and chatting with the nurse and doctor.  It worked--my blood pressure was a much more normal 90/62.  And the doctor, as she left the room, said to me "I'm excited for you.  This is going to be fun!" 

Now that I am officially 13 weeks, I am happy to report that nausea is quickly subsiding.  I still get sick if I'm very hungry or if I'm very tired.  This makes evenings really hard.  By the end of the day, I am both hungry and tired.  And the solution is to make supper, which I feel completely unable to do.  I have recently discovered that it's very quick to heat up a can of soup for myself in the microwave...and that seems to be just perfect to tide me over while I make supper.  Afternoon snacks just weren't cutting it before, but apparently that warm broth does the trick!

I have some more pictures to post...and a book review...and Zeke's birthday is tomorrow.  So hopefully things in my corner of the blogosphere will be moving along a bit this week!  :)


  1. Steph, I love reading your blog for so, so many reasons. You inspire me to be a better mom, better wife, better homeschool teacher, to walk closer with my savior and much more. But, you also remind me that I am "normal". Having a big family is not the norm and I can feel lie an oddball at times. I deal with those same stereotypes myself. Thanks for letting me know I am not the only one. :0) Heidi

  2. We've talked a lot about the large family thing, so you know how I feel. I think the thing that is so frustrating to me is the fact that I can not voice my frustrations about my kids because it's viewed as a "you have too many kids" issue when it's really just an "I have kids" issue. Mom's of one and two have many of the same frustrations as I have with my six, and they are allowed to share their frustration without the judgment. Sad.

    Well, you know I'm happy for you and your "too many" kids. ")

  3. I think you can and should voice your frustration about your kids. It doesn't matter how many you have. We only have four, wish I had more, but I spend every day I have loving the ones I have. I think people with different types of lifestyles just don't know what to say -- so they resort to saying things that may come off as judgmental. I hope you both have safe places where you can tell it like it really is :0)

    I, for one, love your large families (have to fight off feelings of jealously, actually) -- and have enjoyed meeting your very real kids in my Sunday School class. Nothing better than a real kid -- with all their challenges!