Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tough Week

Well, I am at the end of a tough week and at the beginning of a fresh, new one!  I was not able to blog much during my week, so I thought I would try to play a little catch-up tonight. 

I can't go into detail about everything that made my week so tough, but I will highlight a few of the (bad) things:
  • Malachi brought my Eden's Nintendo DS saying he had "washed it".  Even though I put it in a bag of rice, it is still dead.
  • I cleaned pencil drawings off the walls.
  • Joshua whipped a child's small plastic snowboard around by the string and sheared off one of our landscaping lights in the front yard.  At least they lasted a full year.
  • I cleaned marker off the walls.
  • An unidentified flying object struck my nearly-empty cup of pepsi, knocking it onto the nearby dvd/vcr player and spilling the remaining contents.  The player no longer works.
  • I cleaned marker off the carpeting. 
  • I cleaned marker and pen off the children.
  • We scrubbed crayon off the table (because some Joshua...are obviously not old enough to stay on the paper).
  • Malachi broke open a red ink pen and got it all over himself and the couch (thankfully it's dark navy blue, but it still is there).
  • Someone (not sure who, because who would own up to this?) threw something that cracked our plasma screen t.v.  At first it worked, and the crack was in the lower right-hand corner, so we could live with it.  A couple days later it died completely.  This was a little too much for me to handle.
Ok, those are just a few.  They all happened within the time span of one week.  I could go on, but it's just too painful to remember it all.  Ugh.  The t.v. is probably the worst.  Just knowing that it is/was worth a lot of was not covered under a protection plan, and it is at least cheaper than the deductible on our home owner's insurance...but also that is something that is not necessary to daily living therefore does not require a replacement.  Bummer.  We have a 9" t.v. that the kids sometimes use and we have a portable dvd player to use in the van, otherwise it's just computers for us now.  Hmmm...

Now, I know that you're already thinking about the obvious solution here.  Obviously my kids need better supervision, right?  If I would just step up and do my job of watching the kids, then all these "bad" things wouldn't happen in our home.  It's so simple!  ;)  Whatever...let me know when you have kids of your own someday if you still feel that way.

Ok, on to better things!

Mitch had Thursday and Friday off.  All the schools in Minnesota were closed for MEA break.  This is so that teachers can attend annual training conferences.  Mitch went to one down in the cities on Thursday.  I had a dentist appointment scheduled for him on Friday.  On Friday morning when I got up, he asked me if I would like to go to the Women of Faith conference in the cities.  I had no idea there was even one going on!  I said, "Sure!"  We made arrangements, and I headed out the door after his dentist appointment. 

I tried hard to relax.  I really did.  I was nervous driving in the cities, anxious to get there (I missed the opening sessions), and kinda lonely.  Not to mention a tad worried about how things would go at home (I shouldn't have been).  But it's hard to shut off that part of my brain.  When I got there I went to the ticket counter to purchase a ticket.  Someone from a church in Red Wing blessed me with a free ticket.  How cool was that???  I was there until almost 10 pm, drove all the way home to St. Cloud (yuck, yuck), and drove back on Saturday for more.  I got to see Lisa Welchel, Anita Renfroe, Patsy Clairmont, Mandisa, and Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman, among others.  Those were just some of my favorites.  Oh!  And Nicole Johnson, too.  But it was lonely.  It would have definitely been more fun to share the adventure with a friend.  I really missed my kids too.  I just wanted to snuggle Tirzah and kiss Malachi's fat cheeks and encourage the others.  Still I am glad I had the opportunity to go, and I'm thankful for the sacrifices that Mitch made and the hard work that he did at home while I was gone (like rinsing out poopy diapers, doing extra laundry, rearranging the living room, you know that kind of stuff).

I also came home with a new reading list (hehehe) and have a new book waiting here for me to read for review (can't wait to crack it open).

Last week I took a 14-weeks-pregnant belly shot so you can see the little bump that I'm sporting now.  I went through my closet and took out nearly all of my clothes that no longer fit or that wouldn't fit by this week.  That left very few.  :)  I started hanging up some maternity clothes (which also don't fit yet).  I grabbed a tub to store away my "regular" clothes and I found a few pairs of jeans in there that are "regular" jeans, just a couple sizes larger than I normally wear.  Oh it was such a relief to pull those out and find that they fit comfortably!  That was last week...we'll see how I make it through this week...I'll probably have to finish hanging up those maternity clothes.  I have about 4 different wardrobes now, I think.  There are the just-pregnant-starting-to-show maternity, the very-pregnant maternity, just after I had the baby, and my regular clothes which fit 12 months after I had the baby.  Those in the last category usually fit for about 2-3 months, then I'm already pg again and back into the same clothes that fit just after I had the baby.  What a cycle!  Then there is the change of seasons, too.  But I don't have very many summer maternity clothes right now.  I guess that's a good reason to be pg during the winter!  Thank goodness for Goodwill (used clothing store).  :)

 There's my little 14-week bump.  It was in the morning, so it's not quite as bad as the rest of the day.  LOL.

This next picture is just for fun.  After we finished praying for our meal on Thursday night, everyone looked up, but Malachi didn't.  He was out cold!


  1. Hairspray can take ink out of cloth. The cheaper the better. Maybe it'll work on your sofa? Hard weeks like that are now fun. Praying for a better one this week.

  2. I heard Mr Clean Magic Eraser works great for that, too.

  3. Wow! You did have a hard week. All that combined with pregnancy hormones would have caused me to have a breakdown for sure. Probably more than one! I'm sure you handled it better than I would have. :) You look wonderful! Cute baby bump. I hope I'm as thin as you are when I have that many children. :)

  4. Man - I bet you were starting to feel like God was smiting the House of Theis!! Good thing he probably wasn't :) I will be praying for your family that you have wisdom, provision and peace about these items and that this week will go better!!

  5. I went through my maternity clothes yesterday and things that are now out of season or I don't fit in anymore because I am more pregnant I have in a tote to bring over, there are several summer things in there. Next time I am over I will try to remember to bring the tote.

  6. HUGS to you!

    And it seems no matter how well kids supervised..they're gonna get into stuff in a matter of seconds. I have one and end up with ppbbbttthhpppt to any one who says differently.

    Hairspray does work does solumel if you can get ahold of someone down there that has melaleuca. Otherwise let me know.

    I saw Anita Renfroe and Steven Curtis Chapman last year at WOF. I love her and his story had me in tears.

  7. Like I said on Facebook, my kids have just about destroyed our house too, and I only have 2 boys! It doesn't matter if you stay on their backs all day--accidents happen. Turn your head for 2 seconds, and there's a hole in the wall, or spilt milk, or someone's busted their head open because they decided to "skate" on a set of Matchbox cars, or someone clogs the toilet and it's overflowing....

    I think you get me. You're a mom, you've got seven kids. You can't be everywhere at once. If someone's got some complaining to do, it's only because they've yet to recognize the huge 2x4 that's lodged in their eye (Matthew 7:3).

    And, I have to say, that must've been quite some prayer to put Malachi to sleep. ROFL!! Poor kid!

  8. Angela Chilson11/02/2010 12:35 PM

    No mom can be in all places at all time. The second you have more then two kids the parents are out numbered... and when the daddy works outside the home anthing over one child is outnumbering the adult care taker for the day. I hear ya... it sounds easy on paper to have the kids all working together and the house in total order. Take it off the paper and put it in to practice... yeah totally different story.
    Praying for ya Steph... and I just would like to say that you are one of my heroes... the ability to still give the illusion of sanity in the midst of chaos...that makes you a hero.

  9. I love... LOVE the picture of Malachi! I know that there is a whole lot more to comment on but I feel like I did face to face so I just wanted to share with you how much that picture made my day! I love your children thank you for blessing me with so many little ones to love on! I am such a proud auntie and can't wait to meet baby number 8!!!