Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Adoption Support

One of Mitch's cousins and his wife, Jesse and Paige Beauchamp, are raising support to adopt their second child from Korea.  They are a fantastic couple!  Jesse is so incredibly talented with wood.  It blows me away.  :)  Stop by their blog, see some items they have for sale, read their story, and pray for them:

Thank you!!  I love adoption stories.  They are the best reflection of our own adoption as sons of God.  

See Romans 8:15
Romans 8:23
Galatians 4:5
and Ephesians 1:5

Why adoption as sons and not as 'sons and daughters'?  Think about this for a moment.  In the time period that these scriptures were written, sons received the inheritance, daughters did not.  Particularly first-born sons received the largest share of the inheritance and the blessing of the father.  As a daughter, I don't think I'll mind being counted as a son when it comes time to receive the inheritance!  Just a minor word translation thingy that I sort of like to ponder sometimes...

Anyway, please go visit Jesse & Paige's blog, and lift them up in prayer and consider if you would like to purchase something they have for sale or just outright donate to their adoption fund!


  1. I love the quilted table runners! How about you Steph, have you considered adoption at all?

  2. We have considered it. We considered doing foster care adoption and even went through the classes that are required by our state. However we decided at that time (and it's still the case for now) that we are not emotionally ready to adopt a child.

  3. I decided pretty much the same thing. Although, I think I am emotionally ready for the child raising itself, just not the scrutiny by the state. And not for the potential of losing the child.

  4. Love your header pic on the blog! A couple I know adopted a little boy and their story has touched my heart in so many ways...and of course I'm awfully thankful for adoption when I think of Kristin and my friend Teri..both of whom would have not touched my lives if it weren't for the possibility of adoption!

    Someone on your FB page had posted about fundraiser..we can do that as well with Tastefully Simple if they/you are interested.

  5. I don't want to have any kids of my own. I want to adopt them. I feel like I could help kids without families to love them.