Monday, November 29, 2010

All About Baby #8

We had our ultrasound today!  I have to say it was one of the best ever.  :)  This little baby was VERY active and put on a fun show for us.  We spent a lot of time laughing.  I brought my camera along to ask the tech if I could video a clip to show the kids at home.  She very graciously offered to burn some video to a c.d. for me.  These clips are very short, but are so much more fun than looking at just a picture.  And you can see just how active our little one is!

Oh, but you want to know the gender first, right?  Well...let's see if you can guess from these:

Can you tell?  No?  Try the next one:

Just in case you're having a little trouble seeing...this is like looking up at the baby if he were sitting on the toilet.  See it now???  :)

He certainly wasn't shy!
Not sucking his thumb, but picking his nose I'm sure. 

This first video is great because you can see him kicking.  He is currently turned breech, but I feel such strong movements all the time that I'm pretty sure he is constantly flipping.  So in this particular video the tech is holding the wand perfectly still--all the movement you see is done by baby.  She said, "Oh look, he's jumping on your bladder."  Great...another kid who loves the trampoline!

In this second clip, you can see the baby's head as if you were looking down into his face.  Look for the dark blinking spot in the middle of his chest--that's his little heart beating.

This third one is kind of crazy.  I'm not sure what he's doing, but it looks like he's moving and twisting.  The tech is also moving the wand in this one, so that distorts it a little...but I think the moving and twisting is funny.  He won't sit still!  I thought, "oh no, what am I going to do with another one of these?"  :)

The fourth video is kind of neat--the tech is doing all the moving and you can see various body parts.  The ultrasound is really taking cross sections of pictures, so being able to see it as she is "moving" really helps get a picture of what the baby actually looks like.

The final video was a sweet shot where he actually DID lay still for a few seconds, with his hand up by his mouth (same as the still shot I posted above).  I loved this pose.  So sweet.

Overall, everything looked really good to us.  Of course, the tech is not supposed to tell us if there is anything concerning, but from what we could see, it all looked good.  We clearly saw all four chambers of the heart.  We saw the brain, stomach, kidneys, and bladder.  We didn't get really great views of his hands--he had them in fists, but we did see them a little bit.  We didn't see his feet much at all--he had them stretched out and occupied with jumping on my bladder.  The placenta was at the top of my uterus, well out of the way of being a previa--yay! 

He weighed 15 oz.  I am 20 weeks along, but he measured 21 weeks 3 days.  Ultrasound can be off by up to 1 week and 6 days at this age so it's not likely that the doctor will change my due date.  This happened with Zeke, too (who was originally due 10/30, measured 13 days ahead to be due 10/17, and was born on 10/12).  And for reference, Zeke weighed over a pound at 20 weeks, Malachi weighed 14 oz, Tirzah weighed 1 pound, and scrawny little Josh weighed a mere 8 oz.

After the ultrasound we picked up pizza for the kids.  Holly watched everyone for us, so their kids and Kyle had supper here too.  Mitch and I went for my favorite--Mexican Village (free birthday meal).  :)  Yum.  When we came home, we had homemade carrot cake with cream cheese frosting (which I made this afternoon).  Double yum.

Now I'm off to catch up on some reading and digest my tummy is well over-stuffed.


  1. Congratulations! It's amazing the technology; even though I've had several ultrasounds, I still marvel at what we can see. :-)

  2. I didn't get any videos on my cd! Next time I'll be sure to ask. ") In that first pic I can't believe he's got his legs straight out like that! I don't think I've ever seen that with all the u/s I've had over the years. Very cool. ")

    Hopefully I'll be posting pics on MY blog soon...

  3. Yay! Glad everything looks well! Congratulations on another sweet boy!

  4. Yay! Now to come up with another boys name :)

  5. Stacey, I think I was having more trouble finding a girl's name that I I think boy will be easy. :) I am loving the name Obadiah, but can't figure out what to call him for short (if we need a nickname) besides Obi the older kids love of course, and makes the grandparents groan.

  6. wouldn't it be buddy? that would be cute!? We like that too. Omi and Obi. My kids don't even know star wars. i am sooo excited for you! the clips are awesome, what a great bonus!! congrats on a boy!!

  7. He is soooo cute and small!! I can't wait till my little brother is born. I think Zechariah is a good name.

  8. I like Obadiah, but I can see how a nickname will be difficult!