Monday, November 08, 2010


Kathi and Caleb participated in the believer's baptism we had at our church yesterday.  In order to be baptized, they each previously met with church elders, who interviewed them to assess their understanding of the gospel and of the decision they wished to make (fyi, this is also something we asked Kathi to discuss with her parents before doing).  During the service, each person being baptized shared his/her personal testimony, proclaiming a faith and trust in Jesus Christ.  Both Caleb and Kathi did an excellent job sharing their testimonies!!  I hope that I will be able to share the video online.  After sharing testimonies, the baptism was held.  Then after that, Pastor Matthew invited anyone who knew these people to come forward and pray for them (or to pray from their seats).  After a time of quiet prayer, the pastor prayed over all, we sang a song, and were dismissed.  It was a beautiful service and many people were touched by the testimonies of the believers being baptized!  Here are some of the pictures I got:

 {Kathi sharing her testimony}

 {Caleb sharing his testimony}

 {Mitch helped with Caleb's baptism}

 {Down he goes...}

 {...up he comes!  A beautiful representation of a new birth and being born into the family of God!}

 {Kathi's turn!}

 {Praying and singing}

For more info, this wikipedia article does a pretty good job of explaining believer's baptism.  But the best info would be if I could post the video.  Listening to Kathi's and Caleb's testimonies is a blessing and I feel would really show what it means and why we do baptisms this way.  :)

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  1. Kathi´s dad11/08/2010 6:42 PM

    wow, this is really a special post!
    I wish I could have joined the ceremony! congrats to the both of them!
    have a nice week Michael