Tuesday, November 02, 2010

E.R. Trip

Malachi earned himself another E.R. visit last night.  He fell asleep a little while before supper and woke up just after supper.  Micah said he was really hot, so I grabbed my temporal thermometer and checked his temp.  I always do it a couple times because it's usually different on one side of the forehead than the other.  The first scan read 104.6.  The second scan read 105.0.  Wow, that was really high!!  I also realized that he had not really eaten much all day and he actually had stayed dry all day.  Which meant that he probably wasn't drinking enough, because he never stays dry all day.  Never.  We decided it would be best to run him in and be checked.  Before going I managed to get him to drink some water and take some acetaminophen.  After a verrrrrrry long wait at the E.R. (punctuated by watching Star Wars), he was finally seen.  They got him some gatorade, popsicles, and some ibuprofen.  He slowly began to perk up.  He tested negative for a urinary tract infection, negative for strep, his keytones appeared normal as if he were not dehydrated, he was moving his neck normally, his ears looked great, and his lungs sounded clear.  Since he improved so much while we were there, the doctor decided that a spinal tap and bloodwork were not necessary--which I was really hoping would be the case.  Malachi just laid there and flashed his million-dollar-grin and lived up all the attention (especially since no one was poking him) and one-on-one mom time.  Very soon he needed to go potty.  We ended up going 3 times in the span of an hour and a half.  I was sooooo freaking out about germs.  Ick!  At one point I looked down and noticed a little dried blood on the floor under my feet.  Ewww. 

High fevers like that are typically caused by viruses.  I felt that was the case before we went in, however I still wanted to make sure.  Out of 7 kids in 13 years, I can only remember ONE other time that I had a child with a fever that high.  I think I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get it down.  Not once did anyone at the hospital make me feel like there was no reason for us to come in.  We were treated with respect and compassion the entire time we were there.  It was refreshing!  The doctor discharged me with a printout of information about fevers.  One interesting thing on there said to use drugs only if the fever is over 102F and preferably only if the child is also uncomfortable.  What a great reminder!  There were also some interesting guidelines on when to do sponging.  I wish I could find a link to this packet of info.  If I had the guidelines, then perhaps I would not have gone to the germ-laden E.R.  On the other hand, we were well treated and it was so good to know for sure that everything was ok.  :)  So it's all good!

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  1. ahh....do I take him in or not..it's a tough thing. In the end, I'm always glad I did..puts my mind at ease. Glad all is and went well!