Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Meeting Goals

I think I mentioned recently some goals that I have or at least things I'd like to accomplish before this baby is born.  One of them was to make a blanket for Malachi.  Today I pulled out my crochet books to look at patterns.  Now, I have made quite a few blankets over the years--not only for my own kids, but I've given away a few too.  But still I recognize a familiar pattern when I see one.  I kept looking through a book thinking "I've done this one."  There were only 4 or 5 blankets in the entire book.  Josh has one, I made one for an auction at SCCS, and there was still a mysterious third one.  So I asked the kids.  Nope, they didn't remember.  I began to think, "I gave someone a blanket at Christmas!"  It was not last Christmas.  So the easy solution was to dig out pictures.  Yep, here is Malachi with the blanket I made him while I was pg with Tirzah:

So, I suppose since that is one goal down, I can move on to others! I'd still like to get some scrapbooking done, and once I know the gender of this baby I'll start a blanket for him/her.

Oh, I also scored a used copy of Hypnobabies on ebay for a great deal.  I guess I took the plunge.  I asked my doctor about it, if she had ever had a patient use hypnosis for childbirth, and she gave me a strange look.  She had only ever had one, and not in her current practice.  "What for?"  She wanted to know why I was considering it.  :)  I'm gonna work on her.  Yeah, why would someone giving birth not want to take drugs to relieve pain?  Isn't that what they're there for?  My mind is racing in several different directions here.  Can a medical professional really understand why someone would want to avoid drug use to alleviate pain?  I certainly think they SHOULD! 

On a completely different topic, my son Caleb has been granted the privilege of writing his own blog.  I currently have it set to private so that only people we invite may read it.  If you dare, you may certainly shoot me off an email (stephtheis at gmail dot com) and I send you an invitation to read.


  1. You know, there are a lot of medical professionals who think natural childbirth is being a martyr or whatever. Drives me crazy! If these drugs have nasty side effects for us as adults, what do they think it does to the newborn?

  2. Mine thinks I am crazy for wanting to go without but says I am calling the shots. I am open if I need them to the epidural but really do want to go without.