Sunday, November 28, 2010

NewSong Auditions

The band NewSong is coming to town with the News Boys to do a Christmas concert.  Our local radio station is hosting it, but it is being done in our church.  We heard that they were holding auditions to find a child to sing the chorus of The Christmas Shoes on stage with the band.  So I signed Eden and Caleb up for an audition.  I thought, "why not?"  It was a ton of fun.  Of course we talked beforehand about really the fun was in the audition, that there was not a good chance that they would win (a max of 60 kids were auditioning), and just because they didn't win didn't mean they were not good enough.  Caleb and Eden did a great job practicing in the days leading up to the audition.  Neither of them have had voice lessons, nor experience singing other than in children's choirs.  They had to rely on me to be their 'teacher' and I think they absolutely did their best.  The judges had each student audition privately.  They had the children divided into 5 groups, and that's how they assigned the audition times.  After all the children in each time group had finished their auditions, they met in the sanctuary to sing the chorus together as a "choir."  A guy recorded the performances and combined them so they could be played on the radio.  Click on the picture to go to the Spirit 92.9 website and listen to the song with the children's voices...their voices do not come in until the last chorus, so you may fast forward to the end if you don't want to listen all the way through.  They were going to have the song available for download, but apparently they were not able to do that.  Oh least you can still listen online!

  {Eden and Caleb are in the picture in the top left-hand corner.  Caleb is in front, unfortunately right behind the microphone so you can't see him, and Eden is in the back with the do-rag on her head, wearing the striped sweater.}

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