Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Holiday

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday here, and we hope you did, too!  (At least those of you in America, grin). 

On Thursday we made the standard Thanksgiving fixin's:  Turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, gravy, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, rolls, and so on.  We hosted two international students this year from St. Cloud State University.  They were both from Nepal, and are in their senior year. 

 {Mitch helped me carve the turkey.  When I "carve" it, it's more like just pulling the meat off any way we can get it off.}

 {Our tradition is to write on this white tablecloth things that we are thankful for.  It is always so fun to use year after year and remember wonderful friends we have celebrated with in the past.  Speaking of that...we miss you, Patrick!!}

 {I made my favorite cheesecake.  It is SO delicious.}

 {We also had some cupcakes left over from a daycare friend who was leaving.}
 {Tirzah's frosting collided with her cup.  Can't have that go to waste!}

 {Zeke chose to eat cheesecake instead of cupcakes...he is wearing it all over his face.  And what do you think of that nice shiner of an eye he has there?  He and Josh were playing and bumped heads.  It happened right in front of me.  His eyelid swelled up to the size of a walnut within moments.  Poor guy!  I told him it's something to be proud of.  LOL}

 {Malachi sure is proud of his Bob the Builder outfit he received as a hand-me-down from Aiden.}

{Here is our entire Thanksgiving crowd!}

I do have to say that I didn't think my stuffing tasted very good at all.  =P  So I didn't eat TOO much this time.  Later in the afternoon we went over to Paul and Marilyn's to celebrate with them and with Holly & Kyle and kids.  Marilyn's meal was much more tasty than mine.  :)  On the other hand, by the time I finished my slice of cheesecake until late evening, the little baby in my tummy did flips and somersaults almost non-stop.  I think he/she really enjoyed the treats!

On Friday I joined the crazy shoppers.  Eden, Kathi, and I arose and left the house at 3 a.m.  I wanted to get to Kohl's to nab some great deals on bedding.  Kathi and Eden got the full experience of standing in line in the freezing cold at an ungodly hour waiting for the line to move through the open doors.  Fun!  LOL  I am happy I went, though.  We have only owned one set of flannel sheets for our king-sized bed in our entire marriage.  Needless to say, we wore them out.  At least we wore out the fitted sheet.  The other day I was making my bed and I figured I would put the flat on--I figured that 1/2 a set was warmer than nothing, and I was right!  I have been shopping for deals, but I refused to spend more than $40.  I also wanted a decent set--so I had my standard of quality set a little higher (especially given that we wore out the last set).  Kohl's had sheet sets on sale for $19.99--whoot!  At that price, and considering my former budget, I bought a set of flannel sheets AND a set of fleece sheets.  We will be warm now!  I also picked up some new blankets.  Funny how as our family size increases we seem to have less abundance of extra quilts.  I seem to remember having a huge tub in storage with extra quilts and now that tub is nearly empty.  :)  What a neat blessing to have quilts and blankets that are actually being used.

So we were up early and out the door on Friday morning, but I kid you not, I crawled back in bed by 5 a.m.  Then I "tagged" Mitch and he went out to check out some deals he was interested in.  By the time he got home, I decided to crawl out of bed.  We had some breakfast, then we ran back out to check out Goodwill's box toy sale and picked up a few good items.  By the time we got home, we both were content to just lay around the rest of the day.  So were the kids.  They enjoyed lots of screen time.  I read another book by Donita K. Paul that I borrowed from my friend Kelly, DragonSpell.  I highly recommend it for your tween or teen who loves fantasy.  I enjoyed it just as much as Dragons of the Valley.  In my honest opinion, these books are just as good as the Chronicles of Narnia...and definitely an excellent choice if you are careful about reading in the fantasy genre.  Late Friday night, our friends Todd and Karri did a swap with us.  Mitch and some of the kids went to Todd's house and Karri came over to my house.  We talked and talked and talked.  I was tired but enjoyed it thoroughly.  Eventually the phone rang and snapped us back to reality.  Both of us were kind of shocked to realize it was 1:15 a.m.  Mitch wondered when we would be done talking.  :)  At that rate, probably never!

Kelly had a baby on Friday.  It was an exciting time.  On Saturday she invited me to come up to the hospital for a visit.  Of course, I brought her cheesecake.  :)  And I got to cuddle that adorable tiny bundle she had.  This is her first baby.  We have been friends for quite a while.  I have enjoyed spending more time with Kelly especially at the end of her pregnancy as she has come to sit with me while I made her baby some diapers.  It was so incredible to watch her transform from a woman into a mother.  There is nothing like it!  

Now it's Kristin's turn.  It will be baby day any day now...we are waiting so {not} patiently to hear good news.  :)  I called Kristin on Saturday afternoon and asked her if she would be up for some spicy food.  Shucks, she is trying almost everything else to kick-start labor.  So I picked her up and we headed to Chipotle.  Yuuuummmm.  (Not what my intestines said this morning, but it was worth  We walked around Bed, Bath, and Beyond for an hour just killing time.  It was more fun girl time.  But other than my run for the bathroom this morning, you wouldn't have known we had spicy food last did nothing to bring on labor for Kristin.  That's ok, we both know that God is in control and already knows the day that their little bundle will be born.

Today was a great day at church.  Our pastor is working his way through the book of Esther.  The sermons are incredible!  Even my kids are enjoying it.  After church I picked up groceries for the week (ha!  I wish it were that easy--grocery shopping usually takes around 2-3 hours).  We also did laundry this weekend, and lots of cleaning.  Of course, intermittent with all the laying around and relaxing.  It was wonderful!

Well...that is a good wrap-up for the holiday weekend.  I have at least one more post I'm going to write tonight, but it deserves it's own post.  Then's a big day!  Not only is it my 29(again)th birthday, but I have my ultrasound tomorrow.  This will be our first (and likely our only) ultrasound this pregnancy.  I hope first and foremost for a healthy baby.  But it sure would be great if we could also see the gender!  So stay tuned...

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  1. I love that tablecloth idea!! I hope I remember that next year! I would love to start that tradition!

    Merry Christmas!