Wednesday, December 01, 2010

20 Weeks and Birthday

This baby is half-baked!  I have given up analyzing if I am showing differently this time compared to last and if that means boy or girl.  :)  Of course we know it's a boy now.  I think I pretty much "grow" the same every time.  I thought I would grow differently without a spleen--ha!  My tummy also may appear to be "higher" because he is currently turned breech...and, well, his head is still quite large in comparison to the rest of him!

 This is the yummy carrot cake with cream cheese frosting I made from scratch:

 We had just eaten supper at Mexican Village AND had fried ice cream for dessert, so I was feeling very full.  Cake was more for the kids' benefit.  :)
 We had a little discussion about whether Micah was taller than Holly.  We took a picture to prove it.  He's stretching, but his feet are on the floor.  Crazy that he's so tall!  Oh, he got new glasses too...we think he looks a little like Peter Parker.  :) 
 And for the record, Eden is clearly catching up to Mitch in height as well.  See how Mitch had to stretch just to be taller??  LOL

As for my big birthday surprise, that *should* be my very next post.  Everything is ready, I just need to clean my kitchen and take the photos!!  I can't wait to let the cat out of the bag.  :)


  1. LOL!! Love the shot of Mitch stretching! I laughed so hard my boys had to see what I was laughing at.

    I love Micah's new glasses. They are full of awesome.

    And your carrot cake looks divine. I love me some good carrot cake!

  2. I see someone peeking between legs in the pic of Micah and Holly... Oh, and I'm glad to see Micah finally has a pair of jeans that fit him the way jeans should -- ankles covered and everything!! LOL

    I'm still pretty bummed I didn't have me a baby so you could bring me a piece of that carrot cake.

  3. Micah and Alex would get along so well! Alex is almost tall as his dad too now, and only 12. He does the same "stretching" and standing on tiptoe as Mitch does. I see Micah and it always reminds me of my Alex :D They do look a lot alike, except Alex has darker hair and freckles. Same smile!