Thursday, December 30, 2010

24 Weeks

I may have to truncate that picture soon by cutting out some of the weeks.  :)

I wanted to zoom in more closely on the past 4 weeks, so I did this one, too:

(Ok, if you are really observant, you will notice that the 20wks' picture above is different than the 20wks' picture below in that I was wearing completely different clothing.  I must not have been happy with the angle of the photo and retook it so it would fit better in the lineup.)

Technical discrepancies aside, hasn't the shape of my tummy changed???  He was breech at my 20-week ultrasound.  At 23 weeks and again yesterday I saw the chiropractor.  I feel that the adjustments I received may have loosened things up enough so that he turned (or perhaps he just turned for the fun of it and is turning all the time).  Whatever happened, there was a little bump at the top of my tummy that sort of dropped down in the last picture.  Also I am feeling kicks in different places and more strongly than before.  I thought that may have indicated that he has turned, but then I read somewhere that baby is most active between 24-28 weeks.  So it's possible that I'm just feeling him more because it's normal!  Mitch got to feel him kicking and moving.  He didn't seem impressed, but I was glad to pull him in and share.  :)

I saw the doctor today and my total weight gain so far--gasp--is 29.8 pounds.  Yikes!!  She is not worried about it, and I have pants that fit so neither am I.  =P  She also measured my tummy today and it measured a week ahead (25 cm).  This is consistent with the ultrasound measuring 10 days ahead, so again we are not worried.  Our guess is that the date of conception is actually sooner.  And it will matter more at the end--we just don't want to end up going to 42 weeks (not that I've ever gone to 40 weeks for that matter).  ;)

I feel great for the most part.  Last month I was having some lower back/hip pain, particularly when I bent over.  The chiropractic adjustments are taking care of that.  I have been having quite a bit of reflux--not so much painful heartburn as it is just "stuff" refluxing up into my throat after I eat.  One night after supper I was sitting on the couch and the baby happened to kick (or punch) in just the right spot and it sent the contents of my stomach all the way up into my mouth.  NOT pleasant, let me tell ya!  So the doctor said that I can take prevacid--yay.  The past couple days I have been conscientiously trying to increase my water intake.  I love my pepsi--12 oz for breakfast, 12 for lunch--and I tend to 'forget' to drink water until later in the afternoon (when I'm thirsty...which is actually a sign of dehydration).  So I set myself the goal of drinking 8 oz every hour.  That's actually very easy to do--8 oz slurps down in just a few gulps.  If I do that all day, then I'll easily consume enough water.  Only 2 problems with this:  1) The full 8 oz in my stomach means that I'm refluxing every hour as well and 2) I need to pee remarkably often--like, every hour!  Craziness.  Wonder if I could just drink 80 oz at one time and get it over with?  No?  Oh well...

Our whirlwind week of appointments is buzzing along nicely.  Only one left to go--the dentist for me.  ::cringe::  Good thing I've been studying hypnobabies.  I plan on switching my "lightswitch" off when the hygienist insists on flossing my teeth.  Mitch bravely took all 7 kids to the dentist yesterday.  Everyone looked good except for our sugar boy Malachi.  He's got some spots we need to worry about--brushing regularly and flossing every day, especially flossing.  They will develop into cavities if we are not more persistent.  Tirzah was not impressed and had to be held down.  Glad I missed that one!   I took Micah to the chiropractor on Monday.  He had an x-ray that was very interesting.  The curve of his back is exaggerated.  His posture is bad because he slumps his shoulders.  She said that she could examine a hundred 13-year-olds, though, and find a similar situation, partly because their abdominal/lower back muscles are so immature at this point.  We learned some very simple exercises that will strengthen his lower back and abdominal muscles to help keep everything aligned.  He was lying on the table on his tummy and she called me over to point out how one leg appeared to be shorter than the other.  It was very noticeable, and certainly made me suck in my breath!  As soon as she had adjusted him, she told him to lie back down again.  This time his feet matched up perfectly (without her touching or shifting him).  It was VERY cool.  This is a new chiropractor because our old one retired this summer.  She specializes in pregnancy and children, and came highly recommended by my friends.  I really like her!  I think I will try to get Tirzah in next for an adjustment, but I need to let my appointment schedule calm down a little--I need a break from "appointments"!

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