Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Book Review: If God Is Good


I feel so privileged to be able to review Randy Alcorn's new book, If God Is Good: Faith in the Midst of Suffering and Evil.  This is a hefty book, which takes on a weighty topic and I must admit that I felt a little overwhelmed when I considered 494 pages of text lay in front of me.  But now I really don't think a single page could have been omitted!  How else can one cover this question sufficiently?

It is hard to put into words the impact of this great book.  Alcorn has done significant research and gathered it here.  He covers many angles and quotes many authors from Aristotle to Richard Dawkins to John Piper.  He ties all the information together beautifully and in a comprehensive manner.  As I consider all he has read in order to collect this information, I find it staggering.

The book is organized into 11 sections, with several chapters per section.  This organization not only progresses the reader along in a functional/logical manner, but it also helps find the information quickly later.  A scriptural index and a topical index at the end also aid.

As I read, there were many points I wished to discuss with others.  This book would make an excellent study group topic, for groups who are committed to the in-depth reading.  It is a must-have resource for pastors, counselors, or anyone walking beside someone who is grieving.  It is excellent for every Christian who is actively sharing the Gospel, as the topic is critical to understanding our Faith and meeting the needs of those around us.

I highly recommend this book, all 494 pages of it!

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If God is Good by Randy Alcorn (Chapter 1)

I received a free copy of the book from the publisher, Waterbrook Multnomah, for review.  I was not required to write a positive review.  My comments and thoughts express my own opinions.

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