Monday, December 13, 2010

Break Time

I need a break so I can blog!!

 {Nice new fridge.  Which also happens to work!}

{Tirzah's first pigtails.  Didn't last long, though.}

 {Notice that Zeke is counting on his fingers.}

 {All the blue lights in the background are on our Christmas tree.  It originally had white lights and was a "prelit" tree (meaning the lights are permanently attached).  We have had it for 11 years, and this year almost all of the lights were gone out.  :(  I am usually really good at coaxing the lights to come back on.  I LOVE this tree and I love monkeying around with the lights.  But it was beyond my expertise.  No twisted, cut wires.  No fuses out.  No missing bulbs.  The strings stay on even when a bulb burns out, so no need to test every bulb.  I finally gave up.  So we had to buy "regular" lights...and we decided on blue and white.}

{I'm not sure what Malachi's smile is about, but he always has something going on!}