Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Tree

Here are some pictures of our Christmas tree:

 We have had our tree since 1999 when Eden was a baby.  Mitch found the floor model on sale at KMart for only $80.  It was beautifully prelit, and until this year the lights have served us well.  The simple paper star on top is from our first Christmas together as a family.  We had very little money that year.  We borrowed the top two sections of Paul & Marilyn's tree (the whole tree wouldn't fit in our tiny house with a short ceiling), and Mitch got some lights for it on clearance at Sears.  We didn't purchase ornaments, instead we waited for sales after Christmas (now they put them on sale long before Christmas is over).  So we made do with what we have.  Now we always use the paper star as a great reminder of our humble first Christmas.  :)

 Malachi attempting Josh's "Han Solo" impersonation.

 Every ornament has a story and a memory!!

 I spy a little red barn...this is one of Mitch's most special ornaments from his childhood.  The other is a large cow bell that is porcelein or ceramic or some sort of breakable glass...kids who touch it are threatened to lose a hand.  :)  It is not on the tree yet.  :)

 This ornament is another from our first year of marriage.  It was my grandmother's.  I have about 4 of these.

 "Grandpas were made for lovin'!"

 Ornament given to Caleb in Kindergarten from his teacher at the Christian school.

We have several of these very special pillow ornaments hanging on our tree.  Mitch's Grandma Theis passed away last year right before Thanksgiving.  One of her daughters took her satin pillowcases and cut them up and made everyone in the family--all children, grandchildren, great grandchildren--ornaments for the tree. 

We have so many ornaments that decorating the tree can be quite the chore.  With little kids around keeping the tree decorated has been quite the chore!  We actually have two trees up right now (one we borrowed from our friends the Emersons).  I joked that we might actually NEED two trees with all the ornaments we have.  :)  It is beautiful!

For fun, here is an old picture from Christmas 1997 (our first Christmas), of me and Micah:

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