Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Newborn Knit Hat

I recently made a hat for the baby and a friend asked me to share the pattern.  I have NO idea where the pattern is from, and it is so basic anyway, that I thought I would just share what I did here.  Now, if this were a crochet pattern, you could expect it to be more detailed and accurate (because I'm better and more experienced at crochet).  But it's knit.  So I apologize in advance.  But knit is soooooo cute!!  I have tried both "baby" yarn (the self-striping kind) and cotton yarn.  Cotton yarn is by far my favorite.

I have looked everywhere and can't find a single picture of Tirzah wearing her adorable hat.  It was my favorite.  She has a larger version now, and after I'm done writing this up I'll see if I can figure out how many stitches it is and post some pictures.

Here are pictures of the newborn knit hat:

 It needs a little something at the top.  I can't decide yet if I want to do a little tie or a pom-pom.  But the bottom flips up nicely, and it has a nice stretch.

I think this (bottom picture) is the hardest about making a knit newborn hat, and I can't tell you how I did it (sadly).  But when you get to the top you have to decrease the rows.  I have been experimenting with doing so in a fashion that makes the rows come together nicely.  I will be making more, so I will write it down next time and come update this.  But if you are already a knitter, then you may have some good ideas how to do it on your own.

To make the hat, I simply knit in the round.  I have a set of size 4 circular needles (the ones with a soft nylon loop).

Cast on 60 and knit 2 purl 2 around, joining.
Continue to knit 2 purl 2 in the pattern so that a ribbing forms.  Knit until your tube is 5" long.
Now begin to decrease the rows by knitting 2 together.  I only knit 2 tog on every other set of knit stitches.  Then I did one row where I did not decrease.  Then going around the next time I knit the other 2 tog that I had skipped the first time through.  Then another row with no decreasing.  Then I began to purl 2 tog, in the same manner only on every other set of stitches.  Continue decreasing rows until you have only 12 stitches on the needles.  Eventually at the top all my stitches were purl (so that on the outside they look knit).  Clip off a long tail, then use an embroidery needle to pull the tail through all the stitches and tie off.

To do the larger size in the pictures below, I cast on 80.  It is not long enough for Tirzah's head to fold back up, so I assume that this is the original pattern, which was way too big for a newborn (must have been my first try).  It is only 5" before the rows start decreasing.  I recommend going to 6" or more as desired.  Now that I'm inspecting it a little closer, my decreasing looks GREAT...so maybe it wasn't a first try...or maybe the original pattern (which I have no idea where it is) is good.  :)  If anyone wants to give me some good decreasing instructions, feel free to add them to the comments or just email me.  :)

The top of this hat has a chain that I crocheted tied through like a shoe string.  It's pretty simple, quick, and cute.

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  1. Remind me to show you the topper of the hat I made for Phoenix... it might work nicely on your baby boy hat. ")