Monday, December 20, 2010


Beautiful fluffy snow that was falling yesterday morning as we headed to church...
You may have heard about all the snow we've gotten up here, but the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul) actually got the lion's share of it. They didn't share all that much with us! We have a nice amount on the ground, but it's not too bad.  Micah is itching to go snowmobiling with Papa.  I actually had to tell him 'no' last week because of a discipline need.  :'(  It made me cry to make that judgment call. We're expecting another storm tonight. Hopefully I can get outside soon and take some pictures. Hopefully next time Papa calls, Micah will be able to go!

The young school-agers practiced for weeks to lead worship in church yesterday morning.  This included Eden, Caleb, Zeke, and Josh.  They did a great job being on stage in front of our packed-out church service.  I took all these pictures during the rehearsal time so I could sit back and enjoy the service later.
Josh is in the front center of the above photo (in red sweater) and Zeke is on the back left edge (in an orange plaid shirt).

Eden and Caleb are on the left end of the above group of kids.

I like this picture because it shows the nice open foyer we have in our church.  It's beautiful!

Next up are a couple pictures from Mitch's classroom.  His class is reading The Castle in the Attic and The Battle for the Castle by Elizabeth Winthrop.  Micah read them, too, and says they are a lot like The Indian in the Cupboard.  Mitch created this mural from cardboard with the help of his class. 
Wouldn't you love to be in Mr. Theis's class???

Finally, I was 22 weeks last week and I'm 23 weeks this week, but I never managed to get this posted last week:
I'm still feeling great!  I am loving the Hypnobabies Home Study course.

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  1. You are sooo cute! I love the belly shots and your display arrangement! Your snow shots and even of the kids testifies the value of a nicer camera. Great pics Steph! Merry Christmas Eve!