Saturday, December 04, 2010

Refrigerator Woes

Now, I don't want to sound like I'm complaining.  But maybe I am just a little.  I don't really want to complain because who would really complain about having a new fridge???  I am blessed!!

On Thursday our fridge was working great.  I shared the news with a daycare parent who works in a local plant that--ironically--builds refrigerators.  He said it sounds like the fridge has a leak to him.  I assured him that it was working perfectly.  -.-

Friday morning I woke up to the most unpleasant fact that our fridge was not, in fact, working perfectly.  The temp was once again soaring past 55 degrees and our ice was, once again, melted.  Grrrr....

Sears customer service at the home office was less than pleasant to deal with.  Not only did they not want to bring us a new fridge until--get this--December 24th!!!--but they didn't/don't want to pay to replace our food that has now been warmed twice.  =/  We said that since we have to wait so long, could we get it in black?  No.  Could we get a loaner fridge?  No.  Could you come and move our old fridge back in the house so we at least have a working fridge?  No.  Argghhh...come on, people!!!!

Thankfully Mitch is great at handling this sort of issue.  He called our local store manager, who immediately said, "That's unacceptable."  Mitch says to him, "You have a black model on the floor right there.  I would even be willing to take THAT one just so we can have a working fridge."  His reply was, "Let me see what I can do."

(note that we would have liked to have black originally...I like how this is going to work out)

A few hours later I received a call that said we were going to do an "uneven exchange" since we were "willing" to accept a different color, and they could get it to us much in December 9th.  Ok...still not soon enough.  This past Tuesday would have been a great day.

Mitch calls the store manager back, who negotiates that we can have a "garage fridge" for 50% off...a steal at $350.  After we get our new house fridge, we can return the garage fridge ("garagerator") for no stocking fee.  If we choose to keep the garage fridge, we can recycle our old fridge and get a $75 rebate from the electric company.  That's cool, but still $275 more than we were spending originally.  Pro of the garage fridge: it will keep temperature inside constant, even when temps outside are -10F.  Cons: it will cost us more, and so far I am unimpressed with how cheaply made it is.  So here is how this has all summarized:

#1: On Tuesday I moved all the food onto the deck to wait for our new fridge (below freezing outside).
#2: With the kids help, I moved all the food into the new fridge.
#3: Wednesday morning, after the food sat at 55 degrees F all night, we moved the food into the old fridge in the garage
#4: Thursday we moved all the food back into the new fridge.
#5: Friday we moved all the food back into the old fridge.
#6: We are fearing the food will freeze in the old fridge when temperatures plummet this weekend, so we get the "garagerator" and move the food into it.

6 times we have moved our groceries!!!  Yikes!!!  I'm so thankful for the kids' help.

The good news is that, hopefully on Thursday I will have a new, working, BLACK refrigerator.  We are still going to pursue having our food replaced (mainly condiments).  In the meantime, we switched meals around yesterday to eat up things that I was worried would spoil.  Now, I wouldn't serve any food that had already spoiled...but after warming twice, I didn't want to push it to wait any later. 

Also on the positive side, we had to do some reorganizing to make room in our already packed garage for not just 1 fridge, but 2 fridges.  In the shifting, my crawl space, in which I store extra food/canned goods, inherited a set of shelves.  It is SO much neater and organized now!  I love it!!  This cleaning/organizing thing has spread over the entire house and I've really been on a cleaning kick today.  Yay!


  1. How incredibly frustrating! I hope it all works out in the end. I know I'm scared for the day we need a new appliance. They just don't make quality stuff anymore.

  2. Wow! What an ordeal....I have YET to purchase an appliance, though, that doesn't come with it's troubles!
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