Thursday, January 06, 2011

Another set of pictures

Welcome to booger dot com.  ;)

We actually thought up a ton of great captions for this picture.  Now I can't remember them.  Figures.  Write your own.  It's begging for some good captions!

The beloved baby.  Tirzah starts laughing and screaming "BABY!" any time she sees these pictures of herself now.

{Josh} The picture of disappointment.  Not really wanting to do school.


  1. haha Poor Josh!! Tirzah is so adorable. I bet she keeps everyone in stitches!

  2. The first picture. "Mom, I've got something stuck in my nose, and I can't get it out!"

  3. Tizrah-"aaaah almost got it"

  4. Tirzah caption: "Now where did that pea go?"

  5. I don't know about captions, but that first one and the last one belong in the fair this summer! LOL