Saturday, January 15, 2011

Caleb's Birthday Pics

Caleb had a great birthday! The lucky duck got to have a couple friends over. :)

{Chase, Josh, Chi}
{Practicing to blow them out}
{Zeke, Eva, Ben, Tirzah}
{Ben, Tirzah, Caleb}
{Steph, Caleb, Mitch}

{Holly, Tirzah, Kyle...Tirzah finally conked out!}

Missing:  Micah and Kathi are at Blizzard with the church youth group this weekend.  We sure do miss them!

Important note:  No one needed to go to the E.R. this year.  We managed to keep the box cutters away from Malachi.  :)


  1. Looks like they all had fun :-) How was the cake?

  2. Oh Kelly, the cake was just awful...I only got one piece...there wasn't enough!! LOL. Actually it was FANTASTIC and I did only get one piece and I was really sad that there wasn't, like, half a cake left for me or even leftovers on kids' plates to eat. I think I need to make another one.

    And for anyone who's wondering, Kelly was over and baked the cake (from scratch!) while I held her adorable baby girl.

  3. Glad it was good. Sorry you only got one piece.