Monday, January 31, 2011


With less than 11 weeks to go before the new baby arrives (according to my "guess date"), I have some goals.  I love it when the count comes down to the wire.  I love making lists.  Getting things done helps the time pass quickly and productively!


This week:
Finish up a diaper order for a local friend.  See--I do sew cloth diapers still.  :)  Only I should have finished it like last summer.  But it will be ok.  Only 6 more to go.
Get caught up on grading school work.
Remember to take vitamins every day.
Take more pictures.
Finish at least one book.

Next week:
Read the library book I have.
Get my taxes ready.
See the doctor again.  Take a list of items to discuss with her.  Ask her to check hemoglobin again to see if the dosage/type of iron I'm taking is sufficient.

The next 2 months:
Read some more books.  I posted my reading list a few weeks ago.  I haven't made a significant amount of progress on it.  In fact, I had to return one library book without cracking it open because someone else had requested it.  Man!  I'm hung up on John Piper's Desiring God.  It's really good, but it requires a certain amount of concentration.  I had hoped to devour it, unfortunately I'm reading painfully slow.  It doesn't help that my iPod touch competes for reading time when I sit down to relax.  ::blush::

Sew some more diapers.  For my little man.  He can't really wear Tirzah's pink ones now can he??  I sold Malachi's.  So it's either sew some new ones or use disposables.  Ok, he *could* wear the pink ones and I could just make some boyish covers, but I'm not going to do that.  And who would want to with all these piles of adorable fabrics here???  I think this boy is going to get some newborn fitteds and covers, one-size pockets, and possibly some small and medium fitteds and covers.  I hope to get the rest of the family in on this project.  I normally don't let them "help" me, but maybe they will be interested???

Do some scrapbooking.  All of my children except Malachi and Tirzah have a baby book that goes from birth to 1 year.  I would LOVE to get Malachi and Tirzah's done.  In an ideal world I would also do 2006-2010 family albums since the last one I completed was in 2005.  I have all the supplies I need.  I just need to make the time.  But I can only do one thing at a time--I can't do both scrapbooking and sewing.  So...  Which one to do first?  Probably the diapers, because that will save us money in the long run.

Finish the baby blanket I'm crocheting and possibly make another one because we're not loving the colors of this one.  It turned out really dark and I would like something a little more "baby blue".  ::sigh::  I would compromise with making a smaller blanket next.  I won't complain about needing to shop for yarn, though!  :)

Wrap up the school year nice and tight for Micah, Eden, and Caleb.  We will still do some special units after the baby is born, but as far as their traditional curriculum goes, they will be "done" by the end of March.

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