Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Current Reading List

Being awake in the middle of the night and unable to fall immediately back to sleep often gives the opportunity for one to think.  I know that can be a bad thing.  Last night it gave me the opportunity to think up a couple blog post topics.  I had been feeling dry the past couple days, along with not having time to write, and that combination means a dead blog.  :)  First, I would like to share that I've gone through the library buffet line and piled high my plate of books to read.  Some are for book reviews and some were just recommended.  Some may take a 'renew' to get finished.  Here are my reading goals:

Currently reading:

Coming Back Stronger by Drew Brees with Chris Fabry.  Yeah, a football book.  :)  I clicked to review this book on accident (I thought I was clicking to see more information and there was no confirm screen...oops!).  Micah read it first and promised me I would like it, even though football really doesn't interest me in the least.  I think I do enjoy memoirs, and this book has so far proven to be a light-read and a page-turner.

Up next for review:

Desiring God: Meditations of a Christian Hedonist by John Piper.  An oldie that has been revised, and also one I have not managed to read yet.  I'm looking forward to cracking this one open and hope I can devour it in a couple days.

Couples Who Pray by Squire Rushnell, Louise DuArt.  We have tried with limited success to pray together as a couple throughout our 14 years of marriage.  We have never become "regulars."  I'm not holding my breath that this will change us, but the book does claim to be entertaining and says it will only take 5 minutes per day.  It could be the most important 5 minutes in our marriage, and I'm curious to hear what they have to say!

The Earth, Its Structure & Its Changes by Tom DeRosa, Carolyn Reeves.  This is an Earth Science curriculum for grades 3 through 6.  I jumped at the chance to review this curriculum, and I'll have more on why in my next blog post.  Short story is that we always skim the "geology" unit when it comes to science, because it always seems to come in the middle of the winter when there is absolutely NO opportunity to get out and explore the earth hands-on.  I have created some "space" in our school year to be able to do these more hands-on type activities and have my eyes wide open to fill the time with curricula just like this.

For personal growth:

Preparing Your Daughter for Every Woman's Battle by Shannon Ethridge.  The first half of this book is for the mother to read alone.  The second half is written so that mother and daughter read it together.  I hope to zoom through my part and get to the part where Eden and I can read together by the end of January.

Wise Words for Moms by Ginger Plowman.  This is not a book, but a pamphlet sort of like a wall calendar only not so many pages.  This is going to be a handy little tool in my future as I work hard on using scripture to correct my children.  I purchased it used on Amazon for only a couple bucks.

Heaven at Home and "Don't Make Me Count to Three" by Ginger Plowman.  I don't know if I'll manage to read these all word-for-word, but I do plan to crack them open some time in the next 3 weeks!  If they are good, then I'll buy my own copies.  The reviews are very interesting.  These books should be right along the same lines as Shepherding a Child's Heart.

For fun:

Our whole family has really "gotten into" Donita K. Paul. Lucky for us she has a few books available to read--with one series already being complete--so we don't have to wait for her to write the next one.  Books we have at home now that I want to read for fun are:
The Vanishing Sculptor
I may purchase the ones we don't already own used so that we have them in our own library at home.  Besides, if I prioritize my list above, I don't think I'll get to those last two before they need to be returned to the library.

That's it!  Oh--except I forgot a couple birthing books a friend loaned to me.  Giving Birth and Gentle Birth Choices.  I don't think either book will be a "heavy" read for me, and I have a little more time available before I need to return them.

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  1. And the two Dee Henderson I borrowed you that also have no time table for return :-)