Friday, January 21, 2011

My Week in Review

I wanted to blog more this week, I really did.  I had plenty to say every day.  I have pictures and video to post.  But sometimes I'm just lazy like that.  ;)

Wednesday was an improvement over Tuesday.  Zeke still doesn't seem interested in doing the level of schoolwork I want him to do.  It's not just that.  It's also his attitude and his responses toward me.  So I will continue to work on him.  In the middle of the night Wednesday, Josh began throwing up.  He threw up several times that night, and Mitch got up every single time.  Thanks to their handy coordination, the throw-up stayed off of the bed/couch/floor and typically ended up in the bucket/toilet or something that could be cleaned easier.  Tirzah was up lots that night too, and I slept with a bucket within reach, but she never threw up.

Thursday morning Josh finally slept and stopped throwing up.  Malachi fell asleep on the couch for a morning nap...which was unusual at best.  Tirzah began having diarrhea.  We braced for impact, but it never seemed to come.  Malachi then took a second afternoon nap, making the day even more strange (if not peaceful), and he also had diarrhea.  Malachi has continued to sleep most of today, and Tirzah's diarrhea hasn't improved except to decrease in frequency.  Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast, Yogurt (the BRAT diet) has been the rule.

Our weather this week has been VERY cold.  I knew it was coming, and I am hoping it will be the coldest week of winter--as in, 'let's get this over with and begin the warm-up already.'  Thursday afternoon some schools in Southwestern Minnesota began closing early do to dangerous windchills.  That trend didn't spread Central MN--boo.

Lily the Black Bear (the same one I posted about getting separated from her cub, Hope, last spring) is reunited with Hope and they are denning together.  During a long separation, it is believed that Lily stopped lactating and went into estrus, thus was able to get pregnant (saw her with a few males).  The researchers have installed a live web cam in her den and we are waiting patiently.  She appears to have gone into labor beginning Thursday evening.  :)  To watch Lily live, go here.  The North American Bear Center has great resources for learning more about bears.  A team of teachers have been developing a curriculum for use in classrooms to educate their students with accurate facts about black bears.  I have found it all to be very amazing.  The kids love watching the web cam, even though it's sometimes very difficult to see what's going on.  Every now and then we are treated to a little more activity.

Ooooooh...I just checked the website, and a cub has been born!  How exciting!!  This is especially interesting because the litter will be mixed in age with Hope only being a yearling.  Usually a mother would not get pg until her yearling had left--so for Lily she should be having cubs a year from now.  So now we watch together to see how this all happens and works together.

Oh yeah, now back to my week.  For today I had a doctor's appointment scheduled with a 1-hour glucose tolerance test to check for gestational diabetes (I never have it, but they always insist I do it).  The doctor asks us to fast for four hours before the 1-hour GTT test.  Not all doctors do this, but ok.  So I wanted to make sure I got some breakfast and planned to get up early and let Mitch sleep in.  Tirzah planned to get up even earlier.  That was no fun!  At 5:45 a.m. the phone rang with some fun news--Royalton schools are closed today because of the temps.  So how cold was it?  -30 F.  Brrrrr.  What did the St. Cloud schools do?  Well, they had school of course!  The logic never ceases to baffle me.  With nearly every other surrounding school district having at least a 2-hour delay today, they could have at least given it a couple hours to warm up.  Mitch chose to drive the daycare kids and Kathi to school so there would be no waiting at the bus stop.  Kathi wasn't feeling well, so I picked her up just after lunch on my way home from the doctor.

My doctor appointment was good.  The GTT test was awful.  The glucola drink has 50g of sugar in 10oz of fluid.  I don't think I'll be able to drink Pepsi for a couple days.  My sugar intake for the ENTIRE DAY yesterday was only 100g, and here I downed 1/2 that in 5 min.  It is no wonder that I had a headache and felt very sluggish afterward.  Within half an hour I was nearly falling asleep waiting for my blood to be drawn.  I still feel crummy this afternoon.  Blech.  The good news is I only gained 3.6 pounds in 3.5 weeks.  Yay me!  I hope to see numbers continuing to improve like that.  No more huge weight gains, please.  I already weigh as much, if not more, than I did when I delivered other kids and I have another whole trimester to go.  She could hardly find the baby's heartbeat he was moving around so much.  It was in the 130s, but boy he was stubborn.  I really pray this is not foreshadowing.  I am thankful that Mitch ended up being home today because I was able to come home and lay down after the appointment.  I'm still feeling sluggish and have a headache, but I can manage...I'm glad it's Friday and it's almost over!

I know that a huge part of my extra weight gain this time has to do with compulsive snacking.  I have been very bad the past few months with just eating whatever and whenever and really not focusing on self-control.  It's tough to be in my position--I'm not overweight, and I have a high metabolism, and I can also blame weight gain on pregnancy.  However *I* know that there has been padding added in areas that may not come off so easily in the future.  I also know that a high-calorie, high-carb diet will also make the baby weigh more at birth.  Still knowing these things and making right choices for eating do not exactly go hand-in-hand.  I love my ipod touch and decided to see if there was an app where I could track my nutrition with the food guide pyramid.  I didn't find anything free that worked with the pyramid, but I did find what seemed to be a simple calorie counter from  It turns out that it's not "simple" but it is simple to use.  It syncs with the web, so anyone can use it on the web (no ipod required).  It has a huge food database and I rarely have to enter anything new (though I do check).  It tracks calories, carbs, fat, and protein.  These are all useful to know.  I can also look up more detailed info if I need it (such as how many grams of sugar I consumed yesterday).  I can print reports, track weight gain/loss, exercise, keep track of water intake, and more.  See?  Not "just a simple calorie counter."  Mitch asked me to track his diet also.  He likes to do the "starvation diet" and I am trying to convince him he does need to consume SOME calories...probably calories close to 2,000/day.  I don't know how long I'll stick with this.  I am not good at making long-term changes.  That desire to compulsively snack is still there.  For now, writing down what I have eaten is helping me be accountable.  It's sad how fast I get to my caloric limit each day.  :(  It really makes me wonder how far over I was going before I started recording!  Drinking that glucose drink today has not helped curb my cravings any at all.  In fact, it has made it worse.  I think if I can get through the weekend without falling off the wagon, I'll be doing better.  I'm pushing water and trying to stay balanced.  I'm not going to try cutting calories to make up for the if I'm over, that's fine...but I want to keep it as normal as if I hadn't had the drink.

In other news, I was able to snag a pair of maternity jeans at Goodwill that I recognized as an expensive name brand.  It was on New Year's Day when the clothes were all 1/2 off, so I paid $3.50 for the jeans.  I bought lots of other things that day--mostly all for the kids.  I spent $54 total.  I came home and listed the jeans on ebay.  The auction ended last weekend at $56!  I was thrilled!!!  If I could do that all the time, I would.  And believe me, I try to keep my eyes open for deals.  But it was one of those small blessings that I was able to find them and knew what I was looking at.  God is good.

Keep watching--I have a book review to post and a giveaway to do.  This weekend Mitch and Kathi will be overnight at church for YFU midyear orientation.  I remember this last year with Patrick.  It was our coldest weather/weekend then also.  Nice coincidence.  Just like last year, our temperatures are expected to climb rapidly in the next week.  We may even see some above-freezing temps before the end of January.  Imagine that--some of this snow might begin to melt!

So on that note, in honor of our German exchange students, I leave you with this very fun (and short) video. It's never too late to sharpen up your communication skills:

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