Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Tirzah sleeping

Please pardon the mess. ;)

Her bed...I watched as she placed each baby/animal/toy in her bed, then I asked her, "Where are you going to sleep? There's no room left!" Mitch replied, "I think that's the point." LOL So Tirzah crawled into bed and showed me where she would sleep.

Yet this is what she ended up choosing. I think she was glad when Mitch and I finally got out and let her have the bed.  Again, pardon the mess and my obvious lack of home interior design...we're not trying for Better Homes and Gardens or anything...simply focus on the cute little girl in the center of the bed, taking up as MUCH room as possible.  Can she stretch out any more???


  1. How do you get any sleep? The kids don't sleep with us often, but when they do, I don't get any sleep at all. I need my space, and I like to sleep cool, both of which DO NOT happen when my kids sleep with me. :-)

  2. Maybe we are used to it??? Almost all of our kids have been this way. Caleb was an exception--he was never interested in cosleeping, even as a newborn he would fuss in my bed and sleep perfectly in his own. So Caleb is still one kid that is happy to sleep by himself--and just like as an infant, he goes to sleep early and gets up early. Josh was an easy sleeper and would sleep happily wherever I laid him. He is laid-back and relaxed about the whole thing, so I never really had a lot of trouble out of him (he spoiled me good). He and Zeke end up sleeping together often, but I think it is more because Zeke wants to than Josh wanting to. So from sleeping with the other 5, over the past 13+ years, I suppose that I'm used to it. Sure, I would prefer to sleep in my bed without kids--and having a king sized bed means that I get more space to myself--but I'm also satisfied with cosleeping. Regular chiropractic adjustments also help, LOL. ;)