Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Zeke's eye again

Oh boy, this kid seems destined for eye injuries!  Yesterday he and Josh and Malachi were playing downstairs in their room and pretty soon I heard screaming.  I sent Micah quickly to check, however Zeke was already making his way up stairs.  (Screaming with this kid is not unusual--every scrape equals a broken leg if you judge by the level of his scream...we have tried talking with him to get him to stop, however this seems to be a natural reaction he has going on).  Between screams he tried to tell me what had happened, however I couldn't make it out.  As he calmed down, I figured out that Malachi had hit him in the eye with a drumstick.  Imagine that!  I pried his hand away to get a look at the injury and I saw bloody tears.  Not good!    I wasn't really sure what to do first.  I got him a wet washcloth to hold on his eye.  Right about that time my friend Kelly walked in the door with her precious new baby.  It was perfect timing.  :)  We got Zeke an ice pack, but it was already starting to swell.  Upon further inspection, I saw that his actual eye ball had been damaged--a bubble of blood was down in the far corner.  I decided to call his family doctor, who suggested we go to the emergency room.  (In the future, I know that an ophthalmologist would be more appropriate...but that's hindsight.)  I called Holly to come over, and she and Kelly watched kids while I took Zeke to the e.r.  I prayed that the e.r. would be fast (it almost never is).  While we were sitting in the waiting room, Zeke looked up at me with his hurt eye squinted/swollen shut and said, "I can see out of my eye just fine, Mom."  LOL  I said, "Buddy, that's your good eye, you're not even opening the hurt eye."  The swelling began to go down and after some time in a dark room he could easily open his eye.  He passed an eye chart test with both eyes, much to my relief.  Upon close examination, the physician's assistant we saw determined that only the white part of his eye was scratched--not the cornea, iris, or pupil.  This was very good news!    We were sent home with some antibiotic drops--an easy fix. 

This morning he is quite proud of his battle wound.  (Boys!)  His eye is still a little puffy.  The white is very bloody red and the skin around his eye is bruised.  Yes, it's quite the shiner.  Maybe the funniest part of this whole experience was at the e.r.   We were asked three times, "Um, {pause} what kind of drumstick?  Like a poultry drumstick?"  LOL  Language barrier!  Yes, my kids like to keep chicken legs in their room and assault each other with them!  Dude, a wooden drumstick like you play the DRUMS with.  ;)

This would be a really great place to insert a picture.  However I am having memory card woes.  I haven't been the most responsible photographer with putting my memory card in a safe place when it is not in the camera.  I had two 8 GB sd cards.  One dropped on the floor and I rolled over it with my chair (just after I had removed all the pictures from it)--oops!  A couple days ago I found the other on the floor and noticed it was slightly bent and broken.  I didn't want to put it back in my camera, but I was able to put it in the computer and get the pictures off (good thing--because all of December was on there).  I grabbed out the 2 gb card from our old camera to use yesterday, but also didn't put it away (I learn some lessons a little slower than others).  Now it is missing in action.  It was slightly broken also and probably shouldn't be used anyway.  On the bright side, I bought FOUR Kingston 4 gb cards on Amazon for $26 plus free shipping.  I figured that having multiples of smaller capacity cards in my case makes more sense than having fewer high capacity cards, given my propensity to kill the cards.  There is a old 256 mb card laying around here somewhere if I can find it...


  1. Salut!!

    Happy MMXI!!

    Frank, Barcelona

  2. Oh my word--a chicken drumstick?! ROFLOL!!!

    I can relate to you about a screamy kid--it's hard to determine what's serious and what's not when the decibel level for a minor problem is just as high as a major problem. lol

  3. Poor Zeke! I'm kind've like boys in some ways. I'm always proud of my "battle wounds". I even still have a scar from my friend's dog. When I get an ingrown toenail, I kind've feel proud and even love talking about it to people who don't get queezy easily! I'm crazy!

  4. Is he going to Rad

  5. Yes, we are definitely sending him to RAD. It's not contagious and not all that fragile as he proved today (his activity level has not decreased in the least)...LOL.