Friday, February 11, 2011

30+ Weeks Pregnant

If you go according to my last menstrual period, I'm 30 weeks 5 days.  If you go by the ultrasound due date of April 8, I would technically be 32 weeks along.  So which is it?  It doesn't really matter.  He will come when he comes.  But if past history is any indication, he'll probably be coming earlier in April rather than later.  No's all a guess.  Speaking of which, I'm going to create one of those polls soon and you can have fun entering YOUR guess on when he will arrive, how much he will weigh, and how long he will be.

Mitch showed his class some pictures on my blog.  They loved the video of Tirzah singing "Jingle Bells".  While scrolling, they caught glimpse of my belly shots.  Scary!  They think the great growing belly is hilarious.  :)

I think it is nothing short of miraculous.  About this time I am looking longingly back at 14 weeks and thinking, "How in the world did I ever think I had a belly worthy of a shot at that point???  I wasn't even showing!"  And "I can't remember what it feels like to be that way.  What if I'm never that small again?"  LOL 

I'm also filled with gratitude for the life inside me.  I'm glad he's safe and he's growing.

Yesterday at the doctor's office for my 30-week appointment I weighed LESS than I had nearly 3 weeks earlier.  Almost 1/2 a pound less!  Maybe is working too well.  I decided this means I can have an extra cookie or two.  My goal is to gain between 1/2 and 1 pound per week, and not lose weight.  In fact, I can have 2400 calories per day right now.  The hard part about tracking my diet is that I see each day that I have calories left to "spend", but I am usually at my limit (or over) in fat and sugar, and always over in sodium.  That leaves nothing on my menu of favorites.  Bummer.  Like I said, more cookies.  :)

On Wednesday my chiropractor told me that the baby is head down.  Last night he was performing some kind of acrobatics that felt like he was trying to flip again.  I spent some time on my hands and knees (a good position for getting/keeping baby in a good position, also very good for my back) and he calmed down.  I sure hope he didn't flip or get himself into a transverse position. 

Also yesterday the baby's heartbeat was in the upper 140s.  He sounded happy as a peach in there.  I asked her if/when she would check my hemoglobin again and expressed concern that the iron supplement I'm taking may not be absorbing well since it is hard for me to find a good time of day to take it (can't be taken with eggs, dairy, whole grains, or juice gives me a terrible stomach I'm pretty limited).  She will check it next time I'm in--which will be about a month since it was last drawn.  If it is still low, I have a couple different types of supplement I will ask her for instead of just upping what I have now.  She measured my uterus, but didn't tell me how much it was.  I will make sure to ask next time.  I'm curious to see if I'm still measuring ahead to also see how that compares to the ultrasound due date.

The last thing on my list to ask her was how long I would need to stay in the hospital, assuming everything goes wonderfully.  We do want to circumcise, so when would that be done and when could we be discharged?  Circs are done the morning after the baby is born and they like to wait until 24 hours to discharge so they can do the heel prick.  I know that ultimately these things are my choice and I could still choose to leave even earlier, but that sounds fine to me.  We have to see how things progress and how I'm feeling.  My desire to go home earlier stems from the fact that Mitch doesn't have a lot of time off, but also I get pretty bored sitting up there in the hospital and miss my kids (yes, the same kids I was complaining about yesterday).  It is stressful having them come into the room to visit, because the room is crowded and they are crawling all over and touching things and I just feel like I can't help.  I think I will be more comfortable at home in my own environment.

I'm plugging right along in the hypnobabies course.  I am still enjoying it very much.  I wish I could find more time during the day to practice it, instead of only at night when I'm falling asleep.  I will have to try to make time on the weekend.

My goals are going ok too, except for the reading part.  I'm failing miserably at getting my reading done!


  1. Wow! That's quite a difference between 28 weeks and 30 weeks! Also, do you have different pants on in every one of those pictures?? Clearly I need to expand my wardrobe... LOL I can't believe you have less than 2 months left. I look at my baby and think, "Where did the last two months go?!?" I'm looking forward to meeting the newest Theis. :)

  2. I think I'm standing a bit farther away from the camera in week 28 than I am in weeks 26 and 30, which makes it seem like more growth than there really was (though my tummy has definitely grown in those two weeks!). It doesn't take much to distort it. Cropping the photo helps get it close to the right proportion, but it is still off slightly every time. I'm wearing the same pair of pants (happens to be my favorite) in weeks 18, 20, 22, and 28...maybe more. Also weeks 14 and 16 are the same pair of pants. But I do have a pretty good wardrobe of pants right now...they just don't all fit! LOL. The time is going by pretty fast. I am actually relieved. The beginning always seems the slowest for me. :)