Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yes, it was yesterday.  :)  But I had a really long, hard day and after I posted the book review yesterday I really didn't have time to do any more blogging (or anything else much fun for that matter) the rest of the day.

Mitch had a party in his class on Friday because they had Monday off for conferences.  This meant that Mitch went to work at his regular time, had conferences all day long, and didn't get home until 9 pm.  Who planned that for V-day???

Mitch bought 24 balloons to give to his students.  It caused quite a stir.  :)  When he brought them home on Thursday night, the kids were pretty excited.  We got Tirzah to hold them, and she quickly let go...

Then she ran to hide (see her behind the couch Kathi is sitting on?)...

 {Malachi makes a good Valentine!}

Eventually she came back around, though.

Our kids have been taking turns walking a dog for a neighbor who broke her leg in an awful accident.  On Valentine's Day she sent over Valentine's for the whole family.  They had cats and dogs on them.  Tirzah was IN LOVE with hers.  It said "Meow" and "Ruff", and she was of course trying to make the noises that the animals make (another thing I need to video--it's hilarious).  Kathi said to her, "Tirzah, do you already know how to read your card?"  Hehehe...
 {She is showing everyone her card.}
 {Her cute little overalls have the perfect storing spot for her favorite card.}

A daycare parent also brought over donuts for a special treat and pencils for everyone.  I made chocolate no-bake cookies and shaped them into heart shapes for everyone.  So it was a pretty mild holiday, but we did manage to celebrate a little.

My day was long and hard as I pushed to get a lot of things done.  I did all the laundry, and the kids had it put away by bedtime.  I brought out the size 24 mo clothes for Tirzah and packed away everything smaller as it came out of the wash (some of her 12 mo stuff is REALLY small--lol--imagine that!).  That was emotionally hard for me as I watched my favorite outfits go into the box.  :'(  On the positive side, I had quite a few dresses in size 24 mo/2T that had been Eden's.  That's from 10 years ago!!  It was fun to pull them out and think that very soon Tirzah will be wearing them. 

In the midst of the physical work I was doing, there was also a high need for instruction and training of the hearts and attitudes of the children in my home.  They were loud (all day), and rude to each other, and just not following directions.  So that was emotionally draining as well.  (So far this morning seems like it may be shaping out to be a similar type of day.)  

It was one of those days where I knew I could turn on a movie or let them have screen time playing games and they would have been quiet and not bothersome.  But screens are not babysitters.  I let them watch 1/2 hour of a movie so I could have some "down time" before supper.  My "down time" consisted of sitting in my sewing room at the sewing machine while I listened to Zeke whine and complain because he was missing the movie since he didn't finish his schoolwork for the day.  (ie: still not quiet).  After about 15 min I came out and said to Micah, "As soon as Jack's mom gets here, turn the movie off."  And he replied, "Ok."  When I returned to the sewing room, Zeke said to me, "Jack's mom already came."  In disbelief I walked back out to the living room to confirm that Jack (who blends in with our family perfectly) was not there.  She had come while I was starting a load of laundry downstairs and I completely missed it.  Micah was a jerk for not telling me.  But at least I was able to laugh about it (and still stop the movie after 30 min.).

Eden finished her 6th grade math curriculum last week.  I was impressed with her work--she did the entire year in 6 weeks.  I did weed out lessons that she comfortably knew (especially since she just finished 5th grade without a break between the two).  I assigned an alternate test at the beginning of each unit.  Based on that test, I decided which lessons and/or quizzes to assign.  After she completed the lessons (some units had more, some had less), I assigned the unit test to check for improvement and mastery.  The plan was to start with 6th grade Language this week.  I used the free SOS placement tests online to assess which lessons to assign.  I tested her in the 500 level and the 600 level.  By reviewing the quizzes, I was able to identify patterns of weakness in her understanding and make sure those lessons were assigned.  I was going to give her 6 weeks to do the Language units, but that would put her getting finished a week later than the boys.  We were able to cut it back to 5 weeks with a reasonable work load each day.  So everyone will finish with S.O.S. on March 18th.  WhoooHoo!

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