Sunday, February 06, 2011

Music on Sale

Sovereign Grace Music is probably one of my favorite sources for Christ-centered music right now.  And in fact I get more pleasure listening to this music than to just about any other types of music.  Today we sang this song in church--it's one of my favorites:

We also sang a new one, called "God Over All".  The lyrics fit in perfectly with what I'm reading from Desiring God right now.  Here are the full lyrics to "God Over All" (not to be confused with the video I posted above):

God over all
Giver of life and health and breath
I want to sing of Your love
Came as a man
Humble, You died the sinner's death
I want to sing of Your love

Your love has saved me
By Your grace I now draw near and
Your love has set me
Free to glorify Your name
And I, I want to sing of Your love

I'll never forget
That You have bought me with Your blood
I want to sing of Your love
In all I do
May Your great love be shining through
I want to sing of Your love

And on that day
When You come back to claim Your own
Yes, we will sing of Your love
Then we'll bow down
Praise You forever at Your throne
Yes, we will sing of Your love

© 2005 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)

I would have posted a video of ^ that one, but there isn't a great version on youtube currently.  The good news is that Sovereign Grace is having a big sale in their store on both music and other resources.  Head on over to the store to see what you might find.  You can download "God Over All" for a mere $0.69.  I can guarantee it will all be cross centered and will bring glory to God.  Hurry, hurry!  :)

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