Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Hair Cut

I got my hair cut and highlighted yesterday.  It was a special, fun treat.  I haven't done any type of "treatment" in almost 8 years.  Just been regular cuts for me--as few and far between as I can stand to put up with it.  I had my hair cut really short last October and loved it.  The problem with a short hairstyle is that it needs to be cut more often to remain short!  I really should have gotten it cut in December, but wanted to save up some money so I could have the highlights done also now at the end of my pregnancy.  I knew of a stylist in our church, Jodi, so I made an appointment with her. 

First, this picture was taken a month ago at Caleb's birthday and I'm not sure if there's another good "head shot" of me anywhere else.  It's a terrible picture because I don't know if I'd even showered that day.  My hair certainly wasn't styled!  LOL.  Use your imagination to guess how much it has grown in the past month:



When the cut and color were all done, she asked if it would be ok to straighten it.  I thought that would be a fun change, too.  It's been a year since I had bothered to straighten my hair (and I only did then because I was going into the hospital for surgery and didn't want to fool with it).  She did a fantastic job.  (You can visit Jodi's website here and learn more about her if you live in this area.).  Jodi *almost* talked me into going with a lighter all-over color.  But I was a little too scared to be so dramatic.  Maybe next time.  ::wink::  The funnest thing was that later that night I went to the Ladies Night Out at church and got to show off my fresh new style.  It was great to be pampered and get so many compliments afterward.  It's the closest thing to a "makeover" I have ever experienced and I can tell you it sure was special!!


  1. You look great! Love the new cut and color :)

  2. I really like your new cut. Cute straight or curly! :) I was thinking of just cutting mine myself, but decided to just go back to Jodi and get it done right. :) I see her Thursday!