Saturday, February 05, 2011


Ok, so far no reading today.  BUT I was cleaning and organizing in my sewing room and came across many little miscellaneous pieces of diapers cut out as well as a box of scraps just for newborn sized items.  So I got a little distracted and motivated to use up these scraps.  Today I made 5 newborn diaper covers.  They are from cotton woven prints, so they're not as great when it comes to performance as polyester is, but boy they sure are cute.  Most of them will end up in my store.  One or two will end up on my baby.

Then I finally decided to cut Zeke and Caleb's hair.  Both of them were about a month overdue--it was way too long!  Both of them are now pouting a little bit because they think it's too short.  Good news:  it grows fast!

I don't claim to be skilled at cutting hair.  In fact, I always feel quite inadequate when I do it and I see the imperfections all too well.  But I know that it saves my family tons of money that I do all the hair cuts for the boys.  Later this month I am going to pay for a cut for myself.  I can hardly wait!!  :)

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  1. a wise person once told me... do you know the difference between a good hair cut and a bad hair cut? answer: two days:) your hair cuts are great, and it does save a ton of money. i think i should open up shop when i see some of the cuts come out of those cheap shops anyhow!