Monday, February 28, 2011

Pictures and Camera Talk

After a near catastrophe (Tirzah found my memory card and lost it for me), I finally cleaned off nearly 4 gb of photos.  Here are some of those:

 Oh Tirzah!  She loves my iPod Touch.  She often steals it and "hides".  She likes to hide under my computer desk (above), under the sewing table, under Mitch's desk, or behind the couches.  I created a folder just for her with her own apps and she can navigate to her folder.  It keeps her from messing my things up.  I hope to video her soon.  She can say a lot of words now, including screaming "My iPod!"

See, Micah, you don't smile.

One day the kids were playing downstairs and a car (driven by Zeke) went flying through the air and hit Tirzah on the forehead.  It was bleeding and her hair kept getting stuck in it.  When I would wash it up, it would start bleeding all over again.  So I put in this sassy little pony tail to keep the hair out of the way.  She left it in most of the day.  I have a picture of Mitch at about this age that I need to scan in--she looks pretty much just like him.

 What else is new?  She's got a chocolate ice cream cone and she made a good mess of it!

 Eden is sporting a new haircut (thanks to me).  It looks cute straightened, so I'll have to try to get a picture next time we straighten it.

Still not smiling...but obviously trying hard to keep from it!

These 3 are big-time trouble-makers!

So now for the camera talk.  I am thinking about the new baby coming and all the wonderful new baby pictures I want to take.  I haven't had time for a LOT of research, but I have tried to do a little.  I have a couple items on my wish list (and on my ebay watch list).  Here's what I'm wishing for to add to my camera collection (and I sure hope I can get a good deal on used items from eBay...but inserting from Amazon is easiest):

This is a 28mm prime lens.  I have a 50mm prime lens with an f-stop of 1.8 that I LOVE.  Only problem is that on the D80 I have to stand pretty far back (it comes out to be about 75mm in effect because of the D80's smaller sensor).  Which can be hard in tight places.  So I'm loving me this wide-angle lens.  I have an 18-55mm zoom lens that I love, but the f-stop is pretty high.  This one stops down at f/2.8, which would allow me more options in low-light situations.  If I hit the right auction on eBay, I should be able to get it for under $150...maybe even under $100.  Patience is key.  :)  Now, I could set my sights on the 28mm with an f-stop of 1.8...but that's a few thousand dollars.  A little pricey, you think??

 This is the other item on my wishlist.  I could pick it up for about $224 new from Sam's Club, but if I could find it on eBay for less than $180 that would be sweet.  A good flash would help me with all other lighting situations that I have.  Maybe I should skip the lens above and just go for the flash?  I can't decide.  I really like the bokeh (background blur) that also comes with stopping down.  I considered going with the more affordable SB-400 ($120 on Amazon), but it doesn't swivel or rotate and it cannot be used off-camera (I could take the 600 off the camera, and it would still fire when I want it to).  I think that the 600 offers just the mid-level range of flexibility I need.  But beggars can't be choosers.  If Mitch said 'no' to the pricier 600 but yes to the 400, I would take it!  :) Oh, and a diffuser is a must...but those are pretty cheap (like less than $10).

I think I need to sew and sell some more diapers so I have a little extra cash to spend...if only there were more hours in the day and more energy in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy!

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  1. Hi Steph! Just wanted to stop by to tell you that I think your photography is beautiful. I love all of the natural light pics of your kids. Someday, I hope you can show me some tips. :o)

    I have a Canon but wanted to mention that Chris gave me a Sigma 30mm f/1.4 prime lens for Christmas, and I LOVE it. It's currently my everyday, all-the-time lens. Before that I was using the "nifty fifty" (50mm f/1.8) Canon lens. Like you, I loved it but really wanted something I could use without standing backed up against the wall across the room. So far, the Sigma has been awesome. I was hesitant to buy something that was not "Canon", but I'm not the least disappointed in this Sigma--and there's no way I could've gotten an equivalent Canon brand lens because they're so expensive. Just thought I'd mention it in case you want to check out the Nikon version of the same lens from Sigma.

    Oh, and the "Happy Valentine's Day" photo album I have in my Facebook profile was done with the Sigma lens, in case you want to see what the pics look like. :o)