Friday, February 04, 2011


Well, Wednesday was interesting.  I started out the morning like usual.  I had been low in calcium on Tuesday and meant to take a supplement before bed, but forgot.  So I decided to take it in the morning.  They are huge pills (generic calcium citrate plus with magnesium).  In addition I took my regular prenatal vitamin (BellyBar chewable--2 tablets) and some Prevacid.  It took an entire glass of water to get it all down!  I intended to eat breakfast immediately, but it was pancake morning, and there were a bunch of pancakes to cut and serve.  By the time I did get to my breakfast, my tummy wasn't feeling the best.  I finished eating and started washing dishes, but it wasn't long before I was running for the bathroom and lost some amount of breakfast.  I noticed how disgustingly dirty the bathroom was, and decided to clean while the kids thought their world was falling apart.

We have had the sickies going around here, so I wasn't sure if this meant I was sick or if it was just a case of too many supplements on an empty stomach.  I didn't feel sick up until that point, so I wanted to blame the supplements.  Still, it can take a bit out of you.  I didn't want to eat again, so I decided to crash on the couch and wait to see how I felt.  I had two daycare kids here, and I could have called their parents, but what would that do?  I would still have 7 of my own children to care for! 

The couch was comfy for the next 2 hours.  The older kids served snack for me (but didn't clean it up).  I was thinking about getting up and getting a snack when the doorbell rang.  At 10:30 in the morning, this is a very strange time of day for anyone to be calling.  My thoughts immediately were that it was an inspector of some sort, and my heart sank.  I grumbled out loud, "I do not need this today."  She wasn't an inspector, but she was someone from Kids First SEIU.  She had been by on Saturday and Mitch headed her off at the door, took her information, and said I would call if I was interested.  Wow, she was more persistent than a telemarketer--the temperature was not even above 0 F outside!  She was very sweet.  But still.  I should have just told her right off the bat my political views and sent her packing...but I'm too nice for that.  I told Micah later, "We should seize every opportunity that the Lord places in front of us to share His love with others--and He brought her right into our home.  The best thing I could do is try to reflect Christ through me, and I did mention my faith in God as much as the conversation allowed."  But not feeling well...and at this point was hard.  [Apparently the governor of Minnesota--a democrat--wants the daycare providers in the state to join a union so that we have lobbying power at the state capital when it comes to decision making regarding all things daycare.  Lovely.  Before the governor will give support, they need signatures from daycare providers saying they will join the union (there will be fees, too, of course), and there needs to be a greater than 50% interest.  Let's just say that I won't be signing their little card.  There are so many more important political issues that I could throw myself into rather than making sure the state sets aside enough available tax dollars to pay for children to go to daycare.  Bigger government.  Larger social policies.  Yeah...I don't think I'll be supporting that kind of thing.  Ditch the union.  I'm not a fan.  Sorry, I don't mean to offend, but it's my opinion.  If I'm not fighting for pro-life laws at the capital, I'm definitely not going to spend my time (and money) fighting for socialism.]

Over an hour later we finally had to start lunch and she finally excused herself.  I didn't get sick anymore the rest of the day, but after lunch was done and cleaned up and little ones down for naps, I declared it a movie day.  The peace and quiet was well-bought.  After the movie I sent the older kids downstairs to play and took up residence on the couch again.  The evening went fairly smoothly with Mitch and Eden getting supper ready, and Mitch taking the older kids to RAD at church. 

Tirzah came to me and said that she "pooped", so I said, "Let's go change it."  We went to the changing table, and she was wet but there was no poop.  So I asked her if she wanted to go on the potty.  We're not ready for full-on potty training, but that doesn't stop me from practicing with her from time to time.  We haven't had any results and I didn't expect any.  It's just practice.  I set her on the potty and said, "I'll go get a book for you to look at."  As I walked away I heard what sounded like water pouring into the potty.  I couldn't believe that she had peed in the potty.  I thought maybe it was just a kick-back from the toilet or something with water running into it.  Upon further inspection, she HAD actually peed in the potty, though!  That was pretty exciting and a fun end to a strange day.

Thursday was incredibly productive.  In fact, I don't know how I'm going to make up for it today.  :)  I worked hard on my weekly goals.  I finished my friend Kelly's diapers on Tuesday morning.  I have read more (but not finished).  I still need to take pictures.  I got all the grading done and up-to-date (now just need to stay caught up).  I even helped Bonnie set snaps on some diapers she had cut out--we were both surprised by how much we got done in just a couple hours.  We were rocking!  I was in a good groove for sure.

Caleb is excited tonight for a sleepover at church.  Some of us are going to a game night at a friend's house.  Today and tomorrow I hope to tackle more reading so that I can really wrap up this week's goals well done.

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  1. Caleb have fun at the sleepover you are going to love it