Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Tirzah's new thing has been telling secrets.  I wondered what in the world was going on one day.  It was early morning and she had joined us in our bed sometime in the middle of the night.  She woke up, but I wasn't ready to get up yet.  Trying to wake me up, she grabbed my face with her hands and started "whispering" into my ear.  Of course, her whispering was all gibberish, but it was just about the most precious thing ever.  I giggled and she giggled and the practice has continued.

She loves to receive the "secrets" just as much as she enjoys giving them. She squeals when we whisper in her ear in return.

She has been saying a lot more words (I really should video her), and some two-word sentences too! She is good about repeating us. A few nights ago Mitch was working with her to say "I love you." Last night during a "whispering" session with Tirzah I leaned over and whispered in her ear, "I love you." It was so sweet when I got the return whisper very clearly--"I wub you!"

In other news, she is getting better and better about falling asleep in her own bed and even staying there all night sometime.  Tirzah has fallen asleep by herself without crying and without me in the room even--which is fantastic.  Caleb taught her a fun new "trick".  If he asks her, "Tirzah, who's the baby?"  She will say, "I baby!"  Although she is quick to crawl up on my lap, saying "Baby!"  Then pull on my shirt and say "up" so that I will display my bare belly for her to rub.  She is preparing for her baby brother to join us as well.  I'm sure (from experience) that there will be some adjusting to do when he arrives.  She will quickly cover up my belly again, then pull on my shirt at the top so she can lay her ear against my chest (listening to my heartbeat perhaps?).  I'm treasuring these moments with my Tirzah as the baby, though.  My baby girl is growing up.  ::sniff::

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  1. Oh, those are cute pictures, Steph. Ella likes me to tell her secrets too. I think she likes the feeling on her ear. She will keep turning her head from side to side putting each ear to my mouth for another secret. They come up with the funniest things, don't they? :o)