Saturday, February 12, 2011


Wow it feels good outside!  Especially after the past week.  36 degrees Fahrenheit currently and it feels fantastic.  This is only the second day this year that our temps have climbed above freezing (32F).

The older kids were getting ready to go sledding with Mark and Ben Emerson, and Mitch decided to go along and take the younger ones.  Kathi decided that she did not want to go sledding (she likes the outdoors about as much as I do), so I made a last-minute decision to go along as photographer while Kathi was willing to watch Tirzah (who locked herself in my sewing room with my iPod touch and fell asleep...naughty girl).  I'm glad I went.  We forgot to bring along a camera with video capabilities.  I also forgot to wear boots (so my toes reminded me that it IS still cold outside), and I forgot to bring water bottles.  But it was a great trip (we lasted barely more than an hour).  I took a ton of photos, and as always selecting the fewest is impossible.

Our kids' favorite sledding spot is a hill in St. Joseph.  I have actually never been.  ::buries head in shame:: Mostly my excuse is I don't like the cold and snow.  So this was my first time going.  Seeing these guys have so much fun made me tempted to go down a hill on a sled.  Yeah...maybe at 14 weeks pg, but definitely not at nearly 31 wks.  :)

{Malachi ready to go}

{Caleb rocked the snowboard.  Look out, Patrick!}

{Josh got quite serious about sledding.  He may be as serious about this as he is about snowmobiling!  He focused and kept going down over and over again.}

{One of the launch-points at the top of the hill--Josh going up, Mark E, Mitch w/ Malachi, and Micah at the top}

{Um, Zeke, aren't you supposed to be ON the snow tube??}

{There goes Caleb again...sure wish I had a video camera to video his moves!}

{Glad you caught your sled, Zeke.}

{Malachi go up the side of the hill.  The SIDE.  Not in the middle of the track, buddy.  The track is so steep here he is climbing on his hands and knees, lol.}

{Glad to see Zeke finally figured out how to go down the hill on the tube.}

{Josh is too cute}

{Gasp!  Micah is actually smiling!!}

{No, Zeke, don't eat THAT snow that everyone has walked through!!}

{Josh is still so cute}

{Fun times!  Malachi and Mitch}

{Homemade ice rink way at the bottom of the hill}

{I think they were racing to the bottom, but I nearly missed it.  Poor Eden had troubles.}

{Mitch and Micah so gracefully crashed into the dreaded straw bales at the bottom.  This is the nosebleed section, folks.}

{But they came out smiling.}

{Josh being cute again.  He was trying to go down on his knees.  He didn't quite make it.}

{This wildness is a little unusual for Malachi.  He is usually more cautious.  But he wanted to do it again!}

{I can't decide if Eden is having fun or not...}

{Josh just might make it this time, but that is a pretty big bump he's going over.}

{He made it!}

{Caleb's got this one.  He's wearing a look of confidence.}

{So far, so good}

{Ohhhh, biffed it!}

{No problems, he's still smiling}

{In fact, there are smiles all around.  This is just after Mark and Mitch both took turns trying to take out Ben as he was climbing back up the hill.  Naughty!  As a matter of fact, kids tried to take ME out a couple times too.  Doubly naughty!!}

{So sweet, Micah helping his buddy back up the hill}

{Zeke on Mitch's back.  Mark on the left, Ben on the right taking a breather.}

{Very fun.}

{Someone decided to send Malachi down the bumpiest part.  Watch what happens next.}

{This picture didn't turn out because Eden was in my way, but you can still see from the arrows I drew that Malachi was not staying on the tube while he hit the bumps.  He held on with all he had, though!}

{He made it all the way to the bottom still hanging on for dear life.}

{These little boys got so hot and tired out.  They were begging for water, so I pointed them to the shade with some snow that had no tracks through it.  I figured it was the safest "water" I had available.  Yeah, I'm that kind of mom.}

{mmmmm nummy.  Bet you wish you had some!}

{Look at this poor kid!}

{A threesome--they held on all the way to the bottom.  I thought Mark was going to smoosh Micah into the straw bales, but he was better at steering than I had predicted.}

{I can't get enough of the smiles everyone was wearing!}

{This kid wanted to strip down to nothing, I think.}

{Mitch is going for broke on the big snowboard}

{More good smiles}

{Mitch is still going...}

{Ohhhhh!  Nice dismount!}

{Little kid.  Big hill.}

{Ahhh, not broke.  Good thing!  He'll have another chance while playing basketball this afternoon, though.}

Thanks for looking at all my pictures and putting up with my inability to choose fewer!


  1. There is just something about eating clean snow! It's good for kids. we've all done it. nothing wrong with letting your kids do it. Is will be allowed to eat clean snow. she has to stay away from the yellow snow though.

  2. I'm starting to regret not coming along! LOL! And I hate the snow and the cold at least as much as you!

  3. Great pictures!!!
    I really like number 20 showing Malachi.
    One can see the fun you all had in every face - I think that´s the reason why God made snow!!!