Tuesday, February 01, 2011


About 20 min before lunch was ready I sent Eden to put away her laundry and Josh's laundry.  I suggested she take Tirzah with her as a distraction for TJ.  I didn't think about it again until everyone came to the table for lunch...except Tirzah.  Someone said, "Tirzah's sleeping."  I had an image of my toddler lying on the floor, unconscious from choking and quickly put that scary image aside.  Frustrated that she might be locked in a room somewhere, I sent Eden to get her.  After a couple minutes, Eden came back and said, "She's not down there."  We then formed a posse and began combing the house, everyone calling out "TIRZAH!"  With each minute my thoughts became more frantic.  Could she have gotten outside??  I don't see how!  I am a hound when it comes to watching the front door.  Still, I sent Micah to check.  He said, "I'm going to check the crawl space first."  I yelled at him, "It's FREEZING outside, GO CHECK THERE NOW!!"  (Literally the windchill is -15F).  Yeah, mommy emotions switching to high gear as I run down the mental checklist of what to do next. 

Then I remembered. 

This has happened before.  When Malachi was a baby, we "lost" Joshua.  It was while Mitch was in Texas.  I remember calling him frantically as we searched for Josh to see how long we should wait before calling 9-1-1.  And then almost as fast as it started, it was over--I found him peacefully sleeping on the top bunk of the boys' bed.  He had climbed up and couldn't get back down.

My memories snapped me to check the only bunk we currently have set up--Caleb's bunk, and one of Tirzah's favorite place to play.  Finding her there was just about as precious as they come...

So she WAS sleeping!  Whew--what a relief!!

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  1. Phew! Glad all was well! What a precious picture.