Tuesday, March 08, 2011

34 Weeks Pregnant

Not much change?

Well, I can assure you that even though it doesn't look like it in the pictures, if you see me in person you know my belly has grown.  This is part of the whole size/distortion thing I talked about last time.  For the 34 weeks' picture I'm just a tad further away from the camera than in 32 weeks, and it makes me look the same size, if not smaller.  I tried several times to get the "right" picture, but there's nothing for it--my belly just wouldn't fit in the frame quite right!  :) 

Aren't those nice colors on the striped shirt I'm wearing today?  ::grin::  I'm stretching out of just about everything, this shirt included.  We have a few weeks to go.  This is the hardest stage.  I'm running out of jeans that fit.  Last week at the doctor I had gained 4.6 pounds, which is a net of 4 lbs over the past 5-6 weeks.  Not bad at all!  I'm still using myfitnesspal.com to track my daily nutrition.  I use it to make sure I've gotten enough calories for the day, to help choose between a bedtime snack of something "healthy" or a bowl of ice cream, and most importantly to track my iron and calcium intake.  This helps me decide if I should take a calcium supplement at bedtime or not.  If I have hit over 1000 mg of calcium in my regular diet during the day, I most likely won't take one.  I'm trying not to go over 1500 mg because of my past history of kidney stones.

Since I went in at 33 weeks pg, I sort of got my whole doctor schedule messed up.  I'm not going in again until 36 weeks, at which time I'll be going in every week until I deliver.  I asked the doctor at 33 weeks to check my hemoglobin again.  I don't know the results.  She was only going to call me if it was still low and we needed to adjust my supplement.  I asked her for a liquid version if it was still low.  I'm going to take it that no news is good news and my levels are up.  I was feeling very run-down and tired, and now looking back I know that I was being hit with a virus. 

Things will probably be quiet around my tiny corner of the blog-o-sphere the next few days.  I have 3 extra kids in daycare this week.  I'm a little busy.  :)

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  1. Chase was standing next to me as I checked the blog and said, "She looks bigger at 30 weeks than at 34 weeks." LOL Just what you were talking about! :)