Monday, March 28, 2011

37 Weeks Pregnant (and weekend in review)

Officially "full term?"  Oofda, to say that a woman who is 37 weeks pregnant is "full term" is a loaded statement.  It is really subjective to a lot of different factors, based on guesses and intuition.  Sometimes we can be way wrong.  This is why it's always good to trust your body to know when to go into labor, to leave it alone and let it do its thing.  (Yes there are some medical reasons to support induction, but I'm speaking generally.)  It gets hard to be patient at the very end, but in reality I know the next few weeks will come and go and be a blur.  My days carrying this baby are numbered...I just don't know what the number is.  That's ok!

I had a great weekend.  I mean a REALLY great weekend.  On Saturday morning Mitch chauffeured me and 2 of my friends (Kelly and Karri) to Albertville to do some shopping at the outlet mall there.   Kathi, Eden, Zeke, and Malachi also came along.  We split into two groups.  Us three ladies hit up the Motherhood Maternity store for some new nursing bras--whoohoo for good sales, Old Navy, Carters, and The Children's Place.  Then I really got side-tracked at the Yankee Candle Store.  Ohhhhhh my.  Too many flavors of candles to sniff there.  :)  I scored my favorite candle, the Red Apple Wreath, for 1/2 normal price.  I also picked up a new flavor, Coconut Bay.  Yummy...perfect for summer.  Kelly even found me a Red Apple Wreath air freshener for the car--sweet!  We didn't make it back to St. Cloud until 4:30 pm.  What a day!  I spent the evening hanging out with my friends while sewing and chatting.

Sunday was church, which is always good.  Afterward Mitch and I took Eden and Kathi shopping for groceries.  We are so blessed to be able to buy foods we like to eat.  We shopped at Goodwill and found some deals there, too.  Later on my own I hit up Savers and found some cute knit fabric ($2/yard) and some little boy onesies.  When I got home, I fried up 10 pounds of ground beef to be stored in the freezer and baked and shredded 6.5 pounds of chicken breasts.  It is always a lot of work, and means hours on my feet, but it makes cooking supper later so much easier!  I wanted to make sure our freezer is well-stocked with "easy" meals once this baby arrives.  We have a monthly menu, and that is already prepared for April.  But now I have a secondary menu that we can (hopefully) switch right over to as soon as the baby is born, and they will find the ingredients already here.  Mitch suggested Little Caesar's pizza...yes, that will be good for one night I'm sure, but not EVERY night!

Today I saw the doctor again.  I forgot to ask her my Group B Strep test results, so I have to call back in and get that.  The baby has seemed to slow down in movements yesterday and today, and that concerned her.  She told me 3 times to do kick counts and to call if he seems sluggish.  So I will try.  He is moving, it just seems that he's {finally} not moving ALL THE TIME like he was before.  Maybe this kid will decide to sleep a little?  The heart rate was in the 130s.  My weight was up 2 lbs (thank you China Star Buffet and weekend splurges, LOL).  And I made some progress--I'm a "good" 3 cm dilated.  Again, this is right about normal for me to slowly dilate before labor starts.  His head is very low and engaged firmly against my cervix...usually my babies ride high until labor begins, so that was interesting also.  She tried to estimate the baby's size, but didn't tell me her estimate.  :)  I said he is what he is and we'll find out after he's born!  Honestly, I think if I catch wind that he's "big" it will freak me out a little and I'll get worried that labor/pushing will be harder.  So let's just not go there.  We talked due dates (calculated based on last menstrual period vs. ultrasound calculation) and the doctor and I both agree that this baby will come closer to April 8 and definitely not past April 18.

I did this 12 years ago...I was due with Eden around the same time (exact same LMP date, slightly different due date)...she was born on March 29.  She mentioned about 5 times that she hopes the baby does not come on her birthday.  I finally told her not to say that!  And to not be mad if he does.  But honestly I hope he waits until the weekend.


  1. I hope he doesn't come on Eden's birthday. They each need their own special day. I hope he waits for the weekend too. I want to come over on Wednesday. ;-)

    Albertville was so fun. Glad Mitch put out the Facebook call for taking extra people and that you had room for me and Isa.

  2. Hey Steph,
    I don't want to cause worry, but do do your kick counts, and monitor his movements. I have a mom here who lost a baby at 40 weeks due to a cord issue. He really slowed down the last several weeks in utero. She realizes now he probably could have been saved if she had more carefully monitored his movements. They were an indicator to the stress he was undergoing with the cord So, just monitor him, and really, call the doctor if anything changes. Praying for safety and a sweet new baby in your life. :-)

  3. Thank you, Kristen! I downloaded an app onto my to find the best time to do it and hopefully the kids around here will cooperate and leave me alone. :)