Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Eden's Birthday Pics

 (Bag was made by Kristin, and we stuffed our presents inside. ::grin::)

Totally off topic:  My new 28mm lens is driving me a little bonkers when it comes to focusing.  Sometimes it focuses perfectly right where I want it to, and other times it focuses far in the background instead.  :(  I'm more than a little disappointed.  You can see it in the picture above, as well as in the next two photos.  I'm studying up on focusing because I know some of it has to do with composure, how far I am from the subject, etc, but it is hard to learn!

I had to throw in this last one.  Wowsers my belly has grown even MORE in the past week!!  Baby is really low and heavy in my pelvis.  The pictures probably still have the distortion factor going on, but I know it's bigger because most of my shirts no longer fit.  My belly hangs out the bottom.  Very unattractive feeling, let me tell ya!!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Eden!! I'm sure you do feel huge, but I think you look wonderful!