Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sewing Projects (not by me!)

My friend Kristin blessed me recently with some gifts that she has sewn.  For some, I merely supplied the fabric.  For another (that I can't picture yet cuz it's a surprise), she supplied the fabric.  In the past I have had people send me fabric to make diapers from.  That's pretty fun.  Now I know just how much more fun it is to drop off fabric and receive back a gift already made!

First up is a carseat cover.  We have the covers that you put directly on the carseat.  They are great because they help keep baby warm without using a snowsuit.  However we have found that even with the carseat cover, we still put a blanket on top of baby and on colder days we put another blanket over the handle.  This creates a problem because the blanket is covering the handle.  So Kristin created this carseat cover (free instructions here).  It snaps onto the handle, so the handle is free, and the baby is covered.  The blanket is not in his face, and of course we can still put a blanket on top of baby underneath if we need to.  We probably won't need to use the stretchy cover that goes right on the carseat unless the temps get crazy cold.  This particular cover is lightweight enough that we can use it in the spring and summer too as a shade (much better than the flip-up shade)!

 You can see that the cover flips back easily so that we can see baby. 

Next up is a new bag for me.  I was carrying a bag I got free from Creative Memories.  It is cute, and almost the right size, but it is a light khaki color and has lots of stains.  I looked for months and months at the thrift stores (and occasionally at department stores too) to find a new bag, but could never find anything that was "just right."  Then Kristin volunteered to make me one.  ^^  She enjoys that kind of thing.  Me?  Not so much.
This just might be my favorite thing she made for me because I can use it RIGHT NOW.  It's so yummy and it fits on my shoulder perfectly and holds just the right amount of goodies.  I got lots of compliments already on it--isn't that cool??  I mean, who walks around noticing other womens' purses?!  :)  Thanks, Kristin!

She used some scraps from the carseat cover to make a burp rag.  I am going to use the rest of the scraps to make some diapers.  Isn't this one going to be cute??  I'm making it first and going to run it through the wash to make sure it holds up well before I make more to sell.

The only problem is I'm lacking energy to work on it.  I have a cold that is really wearing me down.  I can barely talk today.  Yay for the kids--no yelling!  But I don't have the strength to do anything 'extra'.  Only the basics are getting done around here.  I'm going to try to rest and get better...then be ready for nesting to hit full force.  Bring it on.


  1. Thanks for the kudos :) I had a lot of fun making all of it!

  2. Can Kristin be my friend, too?
    Love the cover, love the bag, and dipe is going to be adorable, too. Sigh...