Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So much for Spring!

Yes, I know this happens every year.  Still it always amazes me.  Early spring snowstorms.  They come wet and heavy.

Just yesterday I could see the field in the back.  In the front there wasn't any snow left.  It started in the morning with slush falling from the sky, but by midday was just rain all day, melting lots and lots of snow piles away.  By 9pm the temp had dropped enough and snow began to again coat the deck.  (I thought that wasn't supposed to happen until after midnight?)  After all the storms that were predicted and fell short of the predictions this winter (yes, we still got a fair amount of snow...but there's something disappointing about expecting 12 inches and only getting know?), I didn't expect this storm to produce, either.  Yet as I got up throughout the night for potty breaks, I knew we had a good snow going on.  It was very light outside from all the street lights reflecting off the falling snow.

We were woken at 5:00 am and again at 5:45 am with calls from St. Cloud School District and Royalton School District to say that school was canceled.  That's probably the most amazing part!  I can't remember the last time St. Cloud had a snow day.  And it certainly wasn't for so little snow!  But since it rained all day yesterday, there was a good layer of ice under the snow, and like I said it's wet and heavy.  Mitch came in from shoveling a little after 6 am to say that the snow plows had not even been by yet.  So maybe that has something to do with the school cancellations also.  I tried to get back to sleep while letting my imagination run wild that all my daycare parents would find their work canceled for the day as well.  That wasn't going to happen, of course!

At 7:45 am Mitch came in again (I got to sleep in for about 45 extra minutes this morning) to let me know that Kathi did not believe him when he told her school was canceled.  She packed her lunch anyway and was getting ready to walk to the bus stop.  Poor girl.  :(  Maybe Mitch plays too many pranks on her??  She was really looking forward to a fun day--the Apollo basketball team is playing in the state tournament and she plays in the Pep Band.  They were going to take a bus down to the game.  She might still get to do that, so she can cheer up.  Right now she is curled up on the couch with a book.  :)

Mitch borrowed a neighbor's snow blower and is working on the neighborhood driveways and sidewalks (he likes to do the driveways of those he knows have a hard time doing it themselves).  I'm stuck inside with all the loud kids (including extra daycare kids since there's no school).  Yuck.  I momentarily wish I knew how to run that thing!  :)  The kids are playing with legos and it seems like everyone is having a difficult time sharing (even the 13-year-old...except now he went out to help his dad).  There are hundreds of legos...come on, guys, use your imaginations!!!  Why do kids want to fight over a little plastic block???

Today will be a GREAT day for a movie!  And maybe even some popcorn.  ;)

My cold is still running strong.  Coughing and congestion.  I haven't had a good one like this in a long time, so I guess I was due.  I sure hope it eases up soon.  It's bad enough to get up at night for multiple potty breaks.  Getting up for potty breaks + blowing nose endlessly + coughing = terrible combination.

They say that the sun is so high in the sky (angle, that is, of course we can't SEE the sun today) that this snow won't stick around for long.  Good thing.

Update a couple hours later:  It's still snowing.  Mitch may have to start over with the snow blower--our driveway is covered again with several inches!  The roads are terrible, so Kathi will not get to go to the cities.  If the boys' team wins, they will get to go tomorrow instead.  That's a pretty good compromise.  Since the snow didn't officially melt everywhere, this is our 121st consecutive day with snow on the ground.  Hmmmm...

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  1. We had several inches of snow, and the plow did not come through at all here in town. Makes for slippery, yucky roads.